Five Rings and Love…

February is one of my favorite months.  There is much to like about it.  Every four years, though, I love February.

This year the focus of that love is Sochi.  I love those five rings in February.  They are okay when they arrive in summer, but they pale in comparison to those February rings.

I am excited that the Olympics start this week.  I love the winter Olympics.  The snow, the skiing, the ski jumps, the slalom, figure skating, speed skating, the snowboarding, the luge.  There is so much that I love about this winter sporting event, I find it hard to contain myself.

Poor hubby is so sick of me squealing when a commercial comes on announcing it.  He knows I will commandeer the remote.  He will move to another room to watch his movies online.  That is just how it is.  I am a meek television watcher.  I will sit and watch whatever hubby wants, that is, until those rings appear and that music plays and then it’s me and the television.

I cannot wait until this week when I can watch the teams march in, the pomp and circumstance, see the opening ceremonies and finally see the flame lit.   It is a tradition and I am a fan of traditions.

So, while there may be better things to do with my time, I know I will ignore most of it.  I will be sitting in a comfy chair and watching men and women fly through the air, or fly down a course or spin on the ice.  It is all beauty and grace and talent.  The little girl in me still longs to go down the luge course, or fly off a ski jump and most of all be tossed in the air over the ice to be caught and skate into glory.

In reality, this middle-aged, chunky woman will be yelling at the television when someone I like will be beaten.  It’s like this every four years.  Now you know how to pray for my hubby, he will have no peace until the flame is extinguished.

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12 thoughts on “Five Rings and Love…

  1. Which are your favorite events? I haven’t watched in years, but I enjoy the figure skating. I feel this way about the Westminster Dog shows, lol.

  2. I love the Winter Olympics too even though we are not a snow based country. The downhill skiing, the future skating and speed skating are all favourites. Keen to see what you blog about whilst the Olympics are on 🙂

  3. We both love the dog shows… but my favorite event? I love the luge and bobsled, and the ski jump has always made me want to try that (it would be fatal for me to try it though). Figure skating is just so lovely. I like too many of the events to narrow it down to one.

    What dog do you root for to be the champion? I always want my breed of dog (Shiba Inu) to win… hasn’t yet.

  4. Curtain… that is if I write! I am wondering also… does Australia send a team? I thought I remembered seeing one last time… could be wrong, but, hey Jamaica has a bobsled team!

  5. I can’t wait for the opening ceremony! I love the winter games as well and I’ll be doing exactly the same thing as you when it’s on 😀

  6. that’s what I thought I remembered, Curtain. I think I even cheered for them. Snowboarding was so exciting the last olympics… I was amazed at the women and how they could do it so easily… Shaun White was from the San Diego area, so he was a hometown hero when he medaled. Looking forward to seeing the snowboarders this time.

  7. There aren’t really any favorites, I think I choose the one that has the most personality, really stands out in his class, and has that, “You know you love me.” rascally look in his eye, lol.

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