DAF finally gets Winter…

Most of this country is tired of winter.  It’s been cold, frigid in some places.  Snow accumulation has been high.  Here in the low country we have had some chilly nights and days, but that is about it.  Until this week.

Watching the weather channel at the beginning of the week we saw that yes, we were in the path of the storm.  I was thrilled!  I could not wait to finally have some winter.

Hubby and I went for some groceries on Tuesday morning.  Each store we entered reminded us that they were closing early.  “Storm is coming.  Roads are going to be bad.  Be careful.”  We heard this several times on Tuesday.   We finished our errands and headed home.

Settling in, the rain started.  The wind blew.  We took our puppy out before it got bad.  The temperatures dropped rapidly.  Hubby and I kept looking out.  We would go out to the porch to see what was happening.  We giggled like little kids.  We heard the sleet.  We listened to the wind, we waited for the snow.  We waited until two a.m. for the snow.  We finally gave up, but I found myself waking often, like a kid at Christmas.    I got up around 5:30 a.m. and looked outside.  The roofs in the neighborhood were covered in white.  The trees glistened with ice, the grass was shiny.  There was only a trace of snow in our neighborhood.  Other parts of Charleston got an inch or two, but we got a dusting.

Disappointed in the lack of snow, I donned my coat and scarf and gloves and hiking boots (they have the most tread on them) and took the dog for his walk.  The air was winter.  The sky looked like snow.  The smell was wintry.  It was heaven.  We crunched our way across the shiny grass and the dog was confused.  It all looked the same, but there was a clear shell on top of everything, his scents were gone.

It stayed cold for a couple of days and I was happy.  Today, the sun is out and the roofs are clear and the icicles are gone.  But, this week, I had winter and it was wonderful.

Tree in my front yard
Tree in my front yard
My backyard
My backyard
Brush beside our pond
Brush beside our pond
My car window
My car window


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8 thoughts on “DAF finally gets Winter…

  1. I think we got just the right amount in GA – probably about 3-4 inches where we were! And 4 snow days! Now looking forward to it being back around 60 by Sunday! I actually do love winter, especially the snow, but love walking outside too – so a good mix works for me!

  2. This is a beautiful post. It reminds me of the true appreciation of life. Some people see the weather as mundane, but it is truly an amazing and exiting thing to experience 😉

  3. I especially love the cold and wet weather. Living in Southern CA for so many years, we pretty much had the same weather all the time. I like it when it varies. Thanks for stopping by!

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