And a winter morning comes…

I was overwhelmed by the response from my last post.  Thank you everyone who read, commented and prayed for my little puppy.

This is an update for you all.  Yesterday was a gray day and he remained lethargic and quiet.  He ate just a little and didn’t want anything to drink.  Hubby and I hovered and worried, planning our next step with him.

Today, is a bright cold day here in the low country.  We went for a walk and Shugo was back to his normal self. Prancing about and being stubborn.

He is grumpy and cat-like.  I am glad to see him return.  I know that his age will continue to make itself known, and I dislike that.  But, for today, he is our puppy who rules our hearts.

Again, thank you for your thoughts, prayers and concern.    Shugo thanks you also.

Taken a couple years ago, Shugo resting comfortably
Taken a couple of years ago, Shugo resting comfortably

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF



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13 thoughts on “And a winter morning comes…

  1. So glad Shugo is feeling better today. You’re much braver than I my friend. I would have a very hard time moving through this stage with a beloved pet. Love and gentle pats

  2. Oh this is such a hard season, I know. Back and forth go your thoughts, “do we, don’t we. .” One day they are sprightly and fine, and then next week they are suffering and dismal. It weighs on a person – this choosing of the right time. . .. You have been in my thoughts and prayers these last few days. I too have been in this hard place.

  3. Thank you friend! He is resting as I write this. I was glad to hear his little patter of his paws today as he pranced from the door to hubby and all around. Made me feel so much better.

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