39 and counting…

Did not think I would write anything today, but here I am.  Today is my 39th anniversary.  We have watched the time together and talked about what we were doing this time 39 years ago.  Some years are just like that.

We got a book when I ordered our wedding invitations.  It has spaces to fill in about how we met and our first date, when he proposed, showers, gifts, guests, that sort of thing.  I have it all filled in and I also had a page where I wrote out each of the addresses where we have lived and a page of what we did for each anniversary.

I have done better with the address page.  We are in our 11th house, which is not bad for a military couple.  Staying in our house in San Diego for as long as we did helped.

The list of our anniversary celebrations stopped at year 20.  I have 20 written down but nothing after it.  I did notice that for the first fifteen years, hubby missed six of them.  He was off working somewhere in the world.  From the year 20 on, I know there have been years where he has been off working again, but there is no record of it.

This I do know, there were years that were not the best.  We went to dinner and got into discussions about major things (at the time) and we would argue.  I can remember having a huge disagreement one year as we were out.  A whole group of waiters brought over a dessert with a lighted candle, singing and we were glaring at each other.  Awful then, funny now.

Years pass.  Things happen.  You think you have had horrible anniversary celebrations, and you think those will sear in your memory as bad thoughts.  They don’t.  They meld into one another.  Looking back you see a couple.  A couple who were doing the best they could with their lives.  Raising kids, raising themselves, keeping finances, keeping a home and trying to strike a balance of love, laughter and discipline.

Did we always succeed?  No.  I don’t know of anyone who has had successful years every year.  I’d like to meet them if they did.  I think they were most likely pretty boring.

But, today, as we sit in our chairs, laptops open and quietly reading or playing games, I am content.  Content that 39 years ago, in a blizzard I said “I do”.  I had no idea what I was ‘I doing’ , but, then again that is what marriage is all about.

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity.  The order varies for any given year.  ~Paul Sweeney

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF


18 thoughts on “39 and counting…

  1. What a lovely post. It’s so true about saying I do and then thinking about it years later and wondering if we had any idea what we were getting ourselves into.

    Happy Anniversary and may there be many, many more 😀

  2. Threads rather than chains – I like that. God gives us a very honest picture of life. It’s not all rosy is it? But he promises that when we sow seeds of love (even in tears) we shall reap and bring back sheaves of joy. The seasons of a marriage (39 years) aren’t all rosy but they are the fabric that covers us with Gods sustaining and merciful love. A convenient not to be taken lightly. Happy Anniversary dear friends, you’re loved beyond measure by so many.

  3. Thank you Susie, a very quiet day, even more so than we though. Hubby stumbled today and was in a lot of pain for most of the day. We had dinner in and are now watching a movie and having some dessert. Thanks for checking in.

  4. Happy anniversary, my friend! I’m in awe of the journey you’ve taken and the life you’ve built together. For some crazy reason, the idea of you saying “I do” in the midst of a blizzard makes me smile. xx

  5. Lovely and congratulations. And thanks for sharing that some anniversaries involved moments. Nice to know those moments don’t sear into one’s bad memories. Perfection breeds a lot of expectation. Enjoy your anniversary and each other.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Loved this post…I’m married what seems like a million years…smile…So I can relate to this post.
    One of the things that was definitely different from You…We were married at the end of August…I’m sure the temperate was in the high 90’s and no air conditioning in our house or car…LOL.

  7. Many congratulations on your 39th! I wonder how many can say that. It’s certainly true that the years rarely hold what we expect but that’s part of the adventure and I suppose in many ways that is what marriage is. A lovely dedication to marriage. God bless many more. x

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