Blizzard and Love…

Thirty nine years ago today I woke up to a bright sunny winter day.  I checked a list and realized that there was not much left to do.  Rent a U-haul trailer, get it out to hubby’s parent’s house, finish packing and get to our rehearsal dinner and decorate the hall.

The day was gorgeous and cool.  It was spring like.  It was the day before our wedding.  Hubby and I considered having outside pictures taken the following day.  We thought of going to the park in town to have some outdoor pictures knowing the park is a beautiful background for wedding pictures.

We did our errands, went to the local Elks club for our dinner, went through the rehearsal then hubby and I went our separate ways. He to his bachelor party, me to the hall to decorate for the next day.  Everything went as planned.  I was still finishing up packing around 2 a.m. when hubby drove past the house honking his horn to let me know he was on his way to his folks.    I went to bed shortly after that.

Our wedding was a morning wedding.   I woke up around seven to a very bright room.  It was bright because of the snow outside.  If I remember right, at seven in the morning there was about ten inches of snow on the ground.  It was still coming down, hard.

The church we were married in had no changing rooms for brides.  You dressed at home and drove over.  When my older sister had married, my dad took the bridesmaids over to the church and then went back for my sister and took her over separately.  He looked at me and announced that everyone was going over at the same time.  We all piled into the car, my sisters in the back seat, me upfront with my Dad.  It was an easier way to get in while at the house.  What we didn’t realize was that when we got to the church I would have to climb over to the driver’s side to get out, since the snow was plowed higher than the car on the passenger side.  Everyone got out of the car and crossed the icy road to head up the marble steps leading up to the church (more like a cathedral on a hill, to me).  My future father in law was standing at the top of the stairs watching everyone arrive.  I got out of the car, holding up my gown and short train with one hand and hanging onto my veil with the other hand.  I stood on the road unable to move except for beginning to slide sideways down the street.  Hubby’s dad started motioning and pointing and my Dad came to the rescue.  I was helped over and the ceremony happened.

Most people didn’t arrive on time.  The snow  had accumulated to about 16 inches.  Some people came into the ceremony half way through, snow clothes on, boots caked with snow.   No one stayed after the ceremony to throw rice or birdseed.  Only my best friend’s dad hung around to watch.  Watch and threaten us with snow balls!

No outdoor pictures were taken, it was too horrible outside.  We took pictures at the church and by time we left the church the 16 inches had turned close to 20 inches.  This was serious snow, my people!

We got to the reception only to realize that the parking lot had not yet been plowed.  Hubby and I jumped out of our car, I hiked up my dress and with the help of my new husband, we tramped through waist deep snow to the reception hall, where, miraculously, people were!

It continued to snow off and on like that for the next day.  The next day we drove to our new home in Norfolk, VA. .  The PA turnpike closed just as we crossed the border  into Maryland.

Did that snow ruin my day that I had planned for over a year?  No.  It didn’t.  Not even on that day did I think twice about it.  I knew even then it was a great story.  I did have concerns when our band arrived late at the reception.  We were in the middle of our meal when the five guys came into the hall carrying equipment.  They stopped and apologized for their lateness.  Poor guys, they had three accidents on the way to the reception.  These were not professional guys, these were five high school seniors who knew my younger sister.  They were a 50’s vocal band, since the 50’s were pretty popular then due to the movie American Graffiti.  They set up, ate and then provided lovely music for the afternoon.

Yes, I know everyone cherishes the memory of their wedding day.  Mine was special for many reasons, but what always comes first to mind is the 22 inches of snow that fell that day.  Hubby and I didn’t mind though.  We had our day and as we drove north for our wedding night, we looked at each other and said, ‘maybe going north is not a wise idea.’   That was just the first time as a married couple we would question some of our ideas.

Thank you for stopping by today and sharing my memories of our wedding that happened 39 years ago tomorrow.  DAF

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