A Dad’s Love on a Winter Morning…

As I have written in the past, my Mom died when I was eleven years old.  I am the middle sister of three girls.

My poor father was a single parent to three women in a time when men were not expected to understand women, especially young girls.  I am certain that in the midst of the shock of losing his wife the enormity of having to raise three girls was overwhelming.

He did okay.  We lived to tell stories about it.  Honestly, we just thought it was life.

He left for work as we were getting up for school.  Most mornings he would holler up the stairs for us to get up and say good-bye to us.  That was the morning routine.  We would get up, get dressed, go downstairs and grab breakfast and walk to school.

On winter mornings, Dad would try a bit harder.  As he was leaving he would holler up the steps, get us up and then add something like, ‘its cold out this morning, I made oatmeal’.

This was never what we wanted to hear.  The cold was fine.  We would grab our boots, gloves, scarves and hats and possibly put on a pair of pants to wear while walking to school to keep our legs warm.

The thing we never wanted to hear was the word oatmeal.   When those mornings happened, we knew we would go downstairs to the pan of cocoa (always a good thing) and the pan of what was supposed to be oatmeal.  The oatmeal when we would get downstairs looked like wallpaper paste.  By time it hit a bowl it could be the soft cement where you would put your handprints in and know by noon a semi could drive over it with no problem.   My younger sister and I would go down and look at the pan, trying to resign ourselves to the horror of this mess.  Each time, though, my older sister would come to the rescue.  She would rush into the kitchen and with one fell swoop take the pan, it’s contents and put it all down the garbage disposal, soaking the pan until dishes were done later in the day.    She would then turn to us and ask, ‘toast?’.

It took several years for me to actually try making oatmeal.  When I did, I realized it was not a horrible thing.  In fact, I like oatmeal.  I just try not to think of the oatmeal of my childhood while I am eating it.

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF


10 thoughts on “A Dad’s Love on a Winter Morning…

  1. Daffy this was beautiful. There is nothing better in the world than the beauty of someones seemingly ordinary life. You captured it perfectly. I was right in that house with you. And i laughed out loud over the oatmeal hardening section. Loved that!!! This was wonderful and your Dad warmed my heart.

  2. Would brown sugar have helped? 🙂 I like oatmeal, but nowadays you can have the entire grocery store in it, from soup to nuts. Just a small dab of brown sugar for me, thanks, lol.

  3. well, now I like brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon and some dried fruit in it. Being kids, we didn’t think to do this. We would put some milk on it and some white sugar, but that just made the mess worse. When I had my girls they were treated to oatmeal the right way with lots of things to add to it… Things a mother would know and a dad wouldn’t think of.

  4. Dads of our father’s generation were so ill prepared for single fatherhood. My heart breaks for him & for you in losing your mom so young. Try oatmeal cookies…yummmm!!!

  5. i’m an oatmea; girl oo…thanks for what you wrote on Facebook…I don’t get specific about my health issues…so could you not either. I’m just not there quite yet. Thanks. You’e very kind…nice writing.

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