Wedding in Winter…

We had a year in our family where there were four weddings.  It was a great year as it gave us a time to gather and have fun.  Bonds were formed as adults (both for my sisters and I , and our children), and memories were made.  I loved that year.

The first of the four weddings was my niece.  It was shortly after we had moved to South Carolina.  It was also the first family event where we did not have think about airfares.  We could drive to the event.  We were excited!

We left four years ago today, heading towards our destination of Indianapolis, IN.  We were excited for several reasons, but the two highest were seeing family and niece married and the second was being able to be in a true winter.

Winter happens all over, some places it is just a feeling in the air, other places, it is truly winter.  Indiana truly has winter.  The gray skies, the frozen ground, the cold and the damp.  You see winter and you recognize the smell of the air.  I love that kind of winter.

We left the low country and climbed into the mountains of North Carolina, got a bit sidetracked in Tennessee, and stopped in Kentucky for an overnight.  The further inland and north we drove, the more our excitement grew.  It was wonderful to be where we were.  Living in California had its benefits, but, we are originally from the east coast and this trip cemented in us our peace in being ‘home’.

We arrived in Indianapolis to a true winter’s day.  It was cold, and gray and it felt wonderful.  My sisters greeted me shortly after arriving and there was a flurry of excitement and activities.  It was joyful and I cherish the memories of those few days.

The wedding was beautiful.  The bride was radiant and the groom handsome.  You could feel the excitement and love in the air.  The reception was fun.  My sister provided activities and surprises throughout the evening.  It was a great beginning to a year of weddings.

What stood out most was the winter setting for a warm wedding.  The bride had a gorgeous cape to get pictures taken outside.  There were several with the cape on, but many were taken with her in her gown and no protection from the cold.  No protection except the warmth of her love and the closeness of her new husband.

Yes, winter comes all over, but sometimes winter is not cold at all.  Sometimes all you need is the joy of saying ‘I do’ , the hand of a new spouse, and the love of family around you.

Happy Anniversary to Lisa and John.  May the rest of your lives be filled with warmth on a winter’s day.

Thanks for stopping by today, DAF



4 thoughts on “Wedding in Winter…

  1. Our son was married last year in Whistler B.C. in a very quiet, intimate setting at the end of January. It was stunning for so many reason, the backdrop, the snow, the intimate setting but most of all the love shared by the 2 people standing before us. Hope to write about it a little a the end of this month. Sounds like your Lisa & John’s was just as beautiful!

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