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A Day to Snuggle…

on January 11, 2014

The cold snap has passed.  It is becoming a distant memory of this past week.  The cold was bitter, and we are in the south.  I can only imagine how cold it was in New England this week.

I loved being able to dress in winter things.  I pulled out my real winter gloves, my scarves, my knit hat and my winter coat.  I still shivered when walking the dog.  It was wonderful to feel the cold again.  It makes you feel alive, at least it does me.

Today I walked the dog without a jacket.  The heat is turned off in the house.  Yet, today, I feel more like it is winter than I did in the cold.  Today is a dark, windy, rainy day.  Branches have blown off trees today.  The water in the pond is dancing under the wind.  The sky is threatening more rain.  To coin a phrase widely used around the campfire, it was a dark and dreary night….

It is a good day to climb on the couch, wrap up in a blanket and sleep.  A deep winter’s sleep.  I have thought about a good nap all day long.  But, laundry had called and it is almost dinner time, so no naps today.

I hope you have a calm, restful weekend.  DAF


4 responses to “A Day to Snuggle…

  1. Susie says:

    It was a dark, wet, and stormy night, no. no. It was… I agree my friend, in fact, I agree so much that I jumped into my jammers, got my lap blanket, and climbed into my new “reclin-a-rocker” (I just love sayin’ that word) *hahaha* We were going to run an errand this evening but it’s so cold and wet that we decided to stay in. Pizza anyone?! 😉 Loved this post and could see you and puppy braving the elements around the neighborhood. Be careful of those weakened branches though.

  2. will keep our eyes open for flying objects! Glad you are in for the night, saw that there is a big storm front up and down the coast… enjoy your pizza. Love you!

  3. Why must the laundry constantly ruin everything? It was warm and rainy all day yesterday and I felt the same way … sadly my laundry was screaming.

  4. Mount Laundry always calls out… funny thing the view is not THAT much different once you have conquered it!

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