Today I started to take down Christmas decorations.  The key word here is take down, not put away.  My extra room upstairs looks like Christmas collapsed in there.  Garland is strung across the floor, drying from being outside.  The outside ribbon is doing the same.

It’s funny when you take down decorations. The rooms that seemed normal before putting out Christmas now seem bland.

Add to this, the day outside, damp, dreary and rainy and it looks like the proverbial winter day.

Most days when I start to remove Christmas, I am sad.  I hate to see it go.  Today was not like that.  Of course, most of the yard decorations are still up, and the living room  is stuck in the Christmas mode with the tree still up and lit.  My dining room is decked out in winter glory though.  Off white flowers on a winter white tablecloth.  Hints of shades of green are in the vases also.  I like it!  I like winter.

I like the gray skies and the dampness and the rain.  I would prefer snow, but I will take whatever winter weather I can get.

So, today, sitting here with a blanket across my lap, and soup cooking on the stove, I am thinking of the damp weather and winter.  A quiet season where growth is hidden and color stands out just a bit more.

Hope you are enjoying your day today.  DAF

16 thoughts on “Damp…

  1. That’s on my list of things to do tomorrow. I should have done it today, but i’ve spent most of the day on here instead!! Oh well…

  2. First of all… love your picture here, you’re gorgeous! Secondly, I still have a long way to go yet, the tree, the living room and most of all we have to wait until the yard dries out a bit before we can rescue the decorations in the front yard! Our manger scene is about to float! Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and be on the computer!

  3. Haha! Thanks! I’ve only got a fake tree and some cards to take down (I couldn’t be bothered with much this year) so it should only take about half an hour…

  4. Haha – I too am “taking down” Christmas and have yet to “put it away!” Always kind of sad with shorter days and I miss the extra light of the Christmas tree, especially today with it being dark and rainy outside.

  5. our living room is so dark and the tree has added such nice light to the room. I will be sad to see the pretty light go, although the dust and the needles are free to leave, if only they would sweep themselves up!

  6. that is so funny! I tried one year to keep them up until the end of February when hubby was due home, but got sick of them around the first week of Feb and down they all came.

  7. I love snow and winter scenes, too. And today I’ve just begun cooking a large pot of chili (looking forward to having some very soon).

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