Reflections and memories…

The week before Christmas and New Year’s always brings a flood of reflection.  Each year, I sit and think about the past year.  I then think about the coming year.  I know most people do the same thing.  It’s good, I think, to remember where you were a year ago and what all has happened.

A year ago, we had just come home from seeing Little Man have his first Christmas.  We were filled with the hope of new year.  We were settled in our home and in our neighborhood.  All was well with the world.  Contentment and a wish to see things move forward.  Hubby going back to work and myself possibly finding a job.

Little did we know, a year ago, that this year was going to be one adventure after another.  We stayed settled and content for about 6 weeks.  We then found out we would possibly be leaving our neighborhood.  This started the unease in us.  Four weeks later we knew we would be moving, no possibility, just the fact.

This lead us to our current home.  We are settled, but not as comfortable as we were a year ago.  We wait for another shoe to drop.

This year has seen more illness, an injury, surgery, move, and change.  I am not big on change.  I like things to stay the same.

The other thing we have seen is Little Man growing up.  He is walking and talking and growing up into a fun little toddler.  He repeats words and says words on his own.  He is our joy and our delight.  He is full of life and reminds us to embrace life with the same enthusiasm.

Thinking on the next year, I have come to this conclusion.  We do not know what tomorrow holds.  We do not know where we will be this time next year.  We don’t know what adventures are in store for us this year.  This can be unsettling.  It can be scary.  But, this I do know, the Lord who kept me through this year is still on the job.  He is not going to leave me or walk away from me.  He will keep me.  He will be beside me through this coming year.

So, as I prepare to finish this year and head into a new fresh year, I am once more hopeful.  I will continue to lean on the One who has gotten me this far.

Have a great day, DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

4 thoughts on “Reflections and memories…

  1. Cheers to 2014! I’m not a big fan of change, unless it involves a lottery winning, then bring it on!
    Faith has carried you this far and it will continue to carry you through whatever else comes your way. When your in the moment it’s a little harder to believe, but it the end it all works out for one reason or another, so hang on!
    I know one thing for sure about Little Man, you my friend better get your sneakers ready, because keeping up with this little guy is about to get a whole lot faster.

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