Lessons Learned…

Today is the 26th of December, Boxing Day as it is celebrated by our neighbors to the north.   It is a day we celebrated with our dear friends in San Diego who lived in Canada for several years.
I wake up on the 26th yearning for the buffet that they always had and the eggnog I used to make.  It was a day to keep on celebrating and I loved it.

Today, is quiet.  Hubby still is playing Christmas music and it is nice.

As we walked our puppy this morning we looked at what was at the curb for our trash pickup, which is every Thursday.  We smiled as we saw the empty toy boxes, saw which children got new riding toys, and what kids like Spiderman, who got new crock pots.  It was fun.  Neighbors were putting last-minute trash out, looking bleary eyed and exhausted.  Yes, Christmas arrived and people had wonderful days.

Yesterday was a good day.  Like the Who’s in Whoville, Christmas came.  It dawned without the fanfare and the presents and bags.  It was a quiet day, but a day that was filled with peace and gifts  that weren’t bought.

What I learned this year was that people understand.  They love and they give.  The giving comes in the form of hugs, laughter, baked goods, joy in seeing you and sometimes emails.

My heart was full last night.  Honestly, I had dreaded the day.  I didn’t want it to come.  I feared that it would be a day of sadness and tears.  It wasn’t.  The day held everything we hold dear on Christmas.  It was a complete day, except for the power going out a few short times in the morning, which led to lots of beeping of electronics and lights.  That somehow led to the cable being out for most of the day meaning no t.v., computer, or phones.  Even that wasn’t horrible as we had our cell phones to talk with, and we watched our old Christmas movies.

All in all, this year, this lean year was a blessing and I know as I close the scrapbook of Christmas, this one will shine in a few years.

I have enjoyed sharing my Christmases with you all.  Now, on to the next adventure in writing, have some thoughts running through my mind, have to catch them as they try to escape with leftover ribbon bits.    Thanks for stopping by, DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

12 thoughts on “Lessons Learned…

  1. Love this: “The giving comes in the form of hugs, laughter, baked goods, joy in seeing you and sometimes emails”. This is indeed what Christmas is all about a gift filled with presence rather than presents. Can’t wait to see where your writing adventures next take you.

  2. so glad that you liked this post. It’s good to hear from you, hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the holiday season… is it warm?

  3. I’m so glad your day was sweet. I spent Boxing Day delivering my oldest son to the bus station in the city. I was so thankful he’d been able to be home for a few days. Of course, we did a little Boxing Day shopping while we were there:)

  4. Of course you shopped, sounds pretty good to me! I know how hard it is to drop off a child and watch them go on their own way to their own life. Shopping most likely helped a bit.

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