This morning as hubby was reading the Christmas story from the book of Luke, I heard a phrase that I have often heard, but, for some reason it stood out today.

The phrase is, “but Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.”  (Luke 2:19, New Living Translation).

Mary treasured things in her heart.  Not much different from the rest of us, is she?

Today I know I have already experienced things to treasure in my heart.  A text to my hubby from our son-in-law that brought tears to our eyes.  A reminder that he is an answer to our prayers.   An invitation to Skype so we could see Little Man open his presents.  We got to see him learn to untie package bows and tear into paper.  We got to hear a book he got today, and see his abacus with the ABC’s on it.. and got to see him look at his xylophone, not certain exactly what to do with it yet… the mallets were fun to throw though.  He called it his ‘lylo’.  Seeing him was a gift that was such a joy to see.

An email from my sister that touched my heart more than she would expect.  I sobbed.   A gift that was unexpected and knowing it was from my sister who had to fill my Mom’s shoes at an age when she should still be a child.  I still tear up thinking of her love in sending this email.

A knock on the door and seeing two friends with their hands filled with goodies, homemade salsa and chips to enjoy and baked goods to finish it all off.

Yes, treasures all… and I will keep all these things in my heart and think of them often.

May today be filled with treasures of your own today.  Merry Christmas.  DAF



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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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