Christmas Cookies…

I love cookies.  I love the smell of them while they are baking.  I love warm cookies out of the oven along with a cup of tea.  I love to eat cookies.  I don’t like baking cookies.  If I didn’t want my house to smell delicious I would never make them.

I have a love/hate feeling on Christmas baking.  There was a time when I loved the thought of making and rolling out and decorating sugar cookies.  The whole process was wonderful.  I looked forward to it all.  That was a long time ago.

When we lived in Japan, I taught English at a couple of schools in the area.  I taught the bulk of my classes at a small English school in a city that was several train stops away.  The Christmas I taught there, the interpreter told me that there would be parties the week before their winter break.  I was young.  Very young, in my early 20’s.  We had no children and I decided that, as a gift, from me, I would give each student a Christmas gift.  I made popcorn balls, bought Hershey candy bars(the large size), a candy cane, fudge, and made each student four decorated sugar cookies.   Each cookie was decorated nicely.  The trees were frosted with green icing, I put little ornaments on them and garland.  The angels had white wings with sugar glitter on them, their hair was piped on and they were beautiful.  Each cookie was different, but as perfect as I could make them.

Yes, I was insane!  That year cured me of any desire for the rest of my life to decorate Christmas cookies.  I made about 24 dozen cookies that Christmas.  That was just the sugar cookies.  I made other cookies for the house and parties and neighbors.

Of course, giving the students the goodies was  a total surprise not only to them, but to me.  I figured they would scarf them all down and it would be gone before I finished passing them out.  That’s what I always did in school parties.  But, these students were stunned.  They looked at their goodie bags like I had handed them gold.  They took out each item and oohed and aahed over them.  They showed each other the cookies and gently put them away.  They all questioned the popcorn balls and a few of them nibbled a bit on them, but, then rewrapped them and put them back.  That was their party.  They ate the normal things they had each brought, but, my donations were carefully taken home.  They were amazed, and to this day, some 37 years later, I can still remember their reaction.

That was the last year I decorated cookies.  I did a lifetime of decorating in one year.  I make sugar cookies, but I throw some colored sugar on them and they are done.

I wonder where the idea of baking cookies originated, anyone know?  I should google it, or something.  This year, I haven’t baked much.  I have done a batch of cookies, and hubby and I have had those, but, that will be it.   I am wondering, anyone out there, what do you bake for Christmas?  Do you do more candy than cookies, or is it a good mix?

Just some thoughts this week before Christmas Eve.  Thanks for stopping by, DAF

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies…

  1. In my old age I’ve changed my mind about home made bakery goods. If you can find an assortment of nicely baked store bought Christmas goodies I say go for it! *smiling* I don’t have the energy anymore. Well… maybe a little gingerbread house *wink*

  2. Haha! This is great! I’ve never been a “fancy” cook, but try to get a few things special baked for the holidays. Love this post.

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