In Making Memories…

Most of the posts about Christmas have surrounded past times and family.  I have talked about our family tradition and memories of my children and my childhood.

I belong to a supper club.  It is a group of six women.  We meet most months at restaurants, have dinner, a glass of wine and our first order of business is always to look at the dessert menu.  For, only after knowing what we can have for dessert do we plan what to have for dinner.  Talking during supper club is a challenge.  With six people at one table it is hard to hear all the conversation, especially with background noise.

So, at Christmas we meet at a home and that is when we can visit and get caught up and, of course, eat.

Last night we met at one of the homes of the women.  There were appetizers and wine, coffee and of course, dessert.  We sat in her living room around her tree and we talked.  I sat and looked at each women.  Four years ago, I knew none of them.  Four years ago, four of them were meeting for supper club, and three years ago, myself and another woman joined their group.  We are a diverse group.  I am in the middle of the age range, some women are retired, some are still working hard in retail, one is a teacher, and then there is me.

It occurred to me, last night, that these women have become my friends.  I look forward to seeing them, visiting with them and catching up with them.  I once wrote a post about friendship.  I talked about the girl scout song, “make new friends, but keep the old… some are silver and another gold.”  At that time, I was talking how some of the friendships that I had somehow turned from silver to gold.  These all fell into the old friends category.    Last night, I realized that I had made new friends.  Somehow, these acquaintances have grown from knowing them to caring about them.

During the course of the evening I received two new ornaments.  As I put them on my tree this morning, I again reminded myself that these women are a part of my life.  That last night was the making of new memories to add to my collection of Christmas memories.  Often, I think, we do not realize that today is a day to store in our catalog of good times.  It is just today.  Just another day in our life.  But, no, today is a treasure in our scrapbook of good times, even if we are having a bad day today.

So, today, I hope that you will discover some great Christmas memories to store and add to those you already have.  Thanks for stopping by today.  DAF


5 thoughts on “In Making Memories…

  1. I’m not just saying this because you’ve been so kind to me…and I’m anything but an expert so please do not detect any condescension in my words but your writing has really opened up. I love the visual of all these women with you at the helm seeing the change in relationship to them, and how important they’ve become. I like that you met at a home so you could properly hear one another. God knows if I were there I’d have to insist since in a public venue I can hear nothing. Love that they gave you ornaments, favorite gifts of mine. A delightful piece. Forgive me for being behind on your essays…haven’t been feeling all that well.

  2. I am amazed when anyone actually reads my posts, to be honest! So, there is no need to apologize on not reading… You have a life and I am so very sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I hope this all passes soon, you have had to deal with it for too long now. Thank you for the comment about my writing. I have actually had the same comment from others. I don’t really know what has changed, except I am being more consistent in writing and that helps with the process. Thank you, I appreciate you. ❤

  3. I totally understand about meeting in public places also, hubby just doesn’t hear that well, hasn’t for years. Once we were out as a family and our oldest was commenting that she saw some boots that she wanted… poor hubby misheard her and was appalled that she was considering buying a new pair of another b word… just change the t to a b and you got the word! It is our favorite memory, we never let him forget it.

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