In acknowlegement….

I am interrupting this series to acknowledge that Dj Mynatt who blogs at Donna’s Family Life has awarded me  the Most Uplifting Blogger Award.  I am amazed that anyone is uplifted by my posts, as I see myself as having a pretty common, normal life.  But, I am humbled and gratefully accept this.  Dj’s blog is a fun place to visit and I highly recommend it.

In keeping with the award’s requirements, here are seven blogs that I nominate for this award.  These writers bless, encourage and make me go ‘huh!’ more than once.


1. It’s All in the Simple

2. My Dog-eared Purpose

3. The River Walk

4. Father Says

5. Dancing on my Ashes

6. Bliss in images

7. Faith 1st Ministry


Next, I need to write 7 things that I am thankful for.  That’s an easy one.

1. my hubby

2. daughter number 1

3. daughter number 2

4. son-in-law 1

5. son-in-law to be at some point

6. LITTLE MAN!!!!!!!!

7. my extended family

During this time of giving, these are the most precious gifts I have received in my life.

Thanks for reading, DAF


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

5 thoughts on “In acknowlegement….

  1. CONGRATULATIONS DAF! Thank you so much for nominating me for this award…I am extremely appreciative and grateful for your thoughtfulness and kindness for this nomination!

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