Fake Presents…

Oh, by this title I could go in almost any direction, couldn’t I?  I could talk about all kinds of presents and the meaning behind them, but that just sounds boring and honestly, I don’t have the thoughts to carry on with that train of thought.

But, there is a purpose for the name of this post.
We got our puppy almost twelve years ago.  His first Christmas with us, he discovered the water for the tree in the tree stand.  He discovered it while we were out.  We came home to see the results of his drink from the tree.  It did not set well with him.  He had gotten sick and there was a mess from both ends to contend with.  Poor little guy.

The following year I learned to put some decorated baskets around the bottom of the tree. The tree was in a corner and it seemed to help.  After Christmas we did find some dried signs that it didn’t work perfectly.

We tried several options over the years, always putting our tree in a corner to keep at least a couple of angles closed from access for the dog.

When we moved to South Carolina, both houses did not have a deep corner like our California home.  I started wrapping fake presents to put under the tree.  These really keep him away, although he has been known to dive into them while playing, but, he has not been drinking the forbidden water.

I love the fake presents.  I usually find nice coordinating paper and decorate the boxes as much as I can.  It makes the tree look so beautiful.  This year is a lean year for us.  There is no coordinating paper, and so the boxes are wrapped with leftover paper. This year the fake presents glisten and somehow they look ‘homey’.  There is something about a tree with presents under it.

Our neighbor kids used to come into the house and point and ooh and aah over the gifts.  You could see them wondering if any might be for them, or what each box held under the wrapping.   They would do that until one of the wiser kids would walk up behind them and say with authority… “Those are fake presents.”    Thus, the kids would look at me with disdain for having faked them out.

No, I am not a Grinch, just someone who hates clean up duty!  Here is a glimpse of this year’s fake presents…  if I could, I would have a business of wrapping presents, it is just so much fun!  Thanks for stopping by, DAF


All fake...
All fake…

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13 thoughts on “Fake Presents…

  1. Ha! I love this! You are so creative. The fake presents are really a gift, no? To your puppy, and to you because they bring you joy. Love it.

  2. well, I never really thought of it that way, but yes! They are gifts to me, they certainly are much nicer to look at then the alternative! Smell nicer too! Thanks, you made me smile….

  3. I absolutely love this. It seems to tell me that whats inside the boxes really doesnt matter at all! Think about it. The thought that someone is getting something wonderful just makes everyone happy!
    Gee i wonder if i could do only fake presents this year? 😉
    They would at least “think” they were getting something awesome!!!

  4. One year we were so broke that I made up I.O.U.’s for the girls. I thought of things that I would have bought them, made up a sheet of paper in a unique way to fit the I.O.U. and then wrapped it up in a lovely box. I told the girls to hold on to the papers and over the year I was able to provide the answer to the I.O.U.’s. I later found that our youngest still had them stored away when she was leaving home. She didn’t want to part with them. It broke my heart at the same time it blessed me.

  5. What beautifully wrapped gifts. That makes me feel Christmassy and homey. Perhaps they aren’t fake at all. Maybe they are filled with God’s promises for you this year.

  6. Ingenious. And what a boon that these fake gifts are always square or rectangular. I too love wrapping gifts, although time constraints has meant giving up the paper for Christmas gift bags.

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