Lights in the night…

When we moved to South Carolina, hubby and I started to decorate outdoors for Christmas.  I was amazed when hubby really got into the fun of decorating.  He figured out what he wanted for the yard and we have slowly gotten all the pieces for the yard.  There are still more pieces we want, and eventually he will have all the parts he has dreamed of for the yard.

So, this year, hubby had shoulder surgery in November.  I knew that the decorating part was going to be up to me.  While our oldest was here, we decorated the inside, well, actually she did most of the inside and I hung some garland outside, put candles in the windows and decorated the mailbox post.  I was done.  Thought simple, elegant, finished.

Today hubby got up and went to physical therapy.  He came home and opened the door to the garage and pointed to a box that I had glanced at and ignored a week ago.  In the box was the nativity set for the yard.  I had thought it was a car part, not a decoration, in my defense.  We set up the set, which was easy, put out some of the trees that was also very easy.  Hubby looked at me and I knew I could not deny his look.  Off we went to the storage unit and I went in to retrieve another box.  I had to do that because, technically, hubby is not supposed to be lifting anything.

After a couple of hours the yard was finished.  In hindsight, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I just wanted the decorations to be easy up and easy down this year.   I was wrong.  Looking at hubby, I saw that he needed the decorations this year.  He needed to see the normal decorations and feel like his interpretation of Christmas was done.  He has not been able to do normal every day things for  over a month now.  His world has been his laptop, his couch and the television.

Gifting and thinking of others comes in many forms.  Today, in thinking over the day, I gifted my husband with a sense of normal for him.  His smile at seeing the job finished spoke volumes to me.  I looked at him this evening and asked if he liked the yard.  He smiled.  Christmas has begun for him.

Here are a couple of pictures of the outside of our house.  Thanks for stopping by, DAF

The outside, simple elegance, one upped....
The outside, simple elegance, one upped….


come on in!
come on in!


4 thoughts on “Lights in the night…

  1. What a perfect gift for him … something that could only have been given by someone who knows him so well. Such serenity in your photos too! I hope his healing is a slow but sure thing. Much love to you and your family. X

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