The Violin….

Both of our girls took music lessons when they were young.  Our oldest took piano lessons from a woman in our church.  She took them for about a year and then she stopped.  I can’t remember why exactly, but I know there was no drama when the lessons ended.  Our youngest was given a second-hand violin for her birthday one year from a family we knew.   She took lessons and although she loved the violin, the teacher just didn’t mesh well with her coupled with having some medical issues that hindered her playing.

The medical issues were traumatic TMJ from an auto accident we had been involved in.  The TMJ was causing headaches and by time we got that under control, the violin was too small for her and we never got around to getting her back into lessons.

The piano for our oldest remained in the living room and occasionally we all took turns playing it.  It was a fixture in our home and it was a nice addition to the room.

The Christmas our youngest was a sophomore in high school ( I believe), hubby and I decided to get her another violin.  We went to a local music store, found a violin and case and talked with them about a teacher for her.  We described her personality and they suggested a teacher.  We signed her up for her first lesson and walked out of the store thrilled with our buy.

We got a large plastic container to put the violin in for wrapping.  The kind that slides under the bed.  It was so much bigger than the violin itself, but it hid what the shape of the gift was.    I wrapped it and put it beside the tree.

Christmas morning the girls unwrapped their gifts.  When the youngest unwrapped her large gift we got a response we had not planned on.  Upon opening the gift our youngest burst into tears.  Hubby and I looked at each other, not certain if the tears were horror or joy.  We looked at our daughter and joined in crying along with her.

She was so overjoyed with her gift.  Our youngest is very quiet.  When she was younger, she kept much of her emotions inside.  We had no idea that she had wanted another violin for years.  It was something she had thought about and we didn’t know.  It was a gift that meant a lot to her.

She started with her lessons and this teacher/student relationship was one that was ordained.  The teacher ended up having the same last name as our family.  She was older, in her early 70’s.  She was the first chair in the symphony in town.  She was incredible.  Our daughter stayed with her  instruction through her first years of college, until her schedule got too full for anything else besides school and work.

That gift, that Christmas, changed my life.  I am a big believer in making music.  I think music is a precious thing.  Our youngest plays well.  After six months of lessons, I talked with her teacher.  This teacher was wonderful.  She said to me, “I teach many people violin.  But, I have only taught a couple of violinists.  Your daughter is a violinist.”   That statement stayed with me.  It echoes in me.

I have known since they were born, that my daughters are my very special gifts.  I know they are talented in so many areas.  But, to hear from someone as skilled as this teacher tell me that our daughter was talented, that is a gift that keeps on giving.

She still plays, not as often as I am sure she would like to.  She is in an apartment and she is a busy Mom.  Recently, there was a picture on her Facebook page.  It was her and Little Man with her violin.  She was teaching him how to hold the bow.

Again, the gift that keeps on giving me joy.    Thanks for stopping by today, DAF

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

4 thoughts on “The Violin….

  1. Boring us?! Absolutely not!! Your pieces have been the richest they’ve ever been in the past two months. To bring memories alive again is a gift twice given. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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