I Interrupt this Christmas series….

Today was Thanksgiving.  It was a delicious day in food, and family.

Our oldest is here for a few days for the holiday.  She made dinner for hubby and I.  It was wonderful.  She is an excellent chef and she fixed many dishes that were great, that it was difficult to decide what was my favorite.

I hope all in this country had as great a holiday as I have had.  I was able to hug and kiss on my oldest and able to Skype and see my youngest, her hubby and our Little Man.  Nothing could be better!

Our menu?  We started with a sherried tomato bisque, then we had a champagne roasted turkey stuffed with oranges, celery, onions and a special herb mixture our daughter makes.  We had mashed potatoes (I actually did those), a red wine reduction cranberry chutney, maple rosemary roasted acorn squash, a cheesy green bean casserole with bacon, and stuffing with red pear, bacon and walnuts.  I made pumpkin pie for dessert with fresh whipped cream.

Hubby and our oldest are now napping their way through football and I am relaxing.  Such a wonderful day.  Hope yours was as happy as mine.  As Little Man would say with upraised arms, ‘YAY!’


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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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