When he was 17, it was a very good year…

42 years ago, I had a carefully wrapped navy blue scarf and a plastic road-runner statue ready to give to my boyfriend.  He was 17 and we had dated for nine weeks.  I was so excited to give him his gifts.  The scarf was the best polyester knit material I could find with my babysitting money and the statue was exquisite in really looking like the cartoon character and on the stand it read, “My heart beeps for you…”   I know, such romantic gifts.

42 years ago I never dreamed that tomorrow I would be celebrating another birthday with the same guy.


Some of the birthdays we have shared have been filled with friends and food and many gifts.  Some we have been on opposite sides of the world, not able to even say happy birthday to him.  Then, there were some birthdays that the only gift was being able to say happy birthday to his face.  Each were special in its own way.


Tomorrow will be another special day.  I have already given him his gift and his cake is made.  Not certain what the day will bring, but, this I do know, ‘My heart (still) beeps for you’.   Happy Birthday hubby…


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