For Lack of a Clever Title….

When I start a post, I wait until I have a title and then I go ahead.  Sitting here, I realized, I have nothing…  absolutely nothing for a title.

I have spent this morning reading blogs and actually working in the yard.  Yesterday is was 80 degrees out.  To me, that is ridiculous weather for November.  November is supposed to be blustery, snowy, even.  Not windless and 80 degrees.  Fortunately, that did not last, today is a very comfortable 60 degrees.   This is weather I can take.  The wind is chilly, a reminder of what time of year it is.


With this happening, I figured it was a good day to get out and re-do the yard.  I know by this evening it will be covered again, but, at least I won’t have all the debris from last week combined with what will fall today.  It was a glorious day out and I loved each moment I spent raking the yard.


I spent the time thinking of my family, my friends and my blogging friends.  I thought of the upcoming week with my oldest.  It was a glorious time outside.  I am grateful for being able to do something.


I came in, hoping to have an impressive post come to mind.  I have read some very interesting posts today.  Some strong personal opinions were stated (which I happened to agree with ), a blog party started (which I joined in), some thoughts on yams (which I absolutely loved), and finally, I just read some poetry.


I enjoy reading poetry.  In fact, I went to my desk and dug out some old writing of mine.  I used to write poetry.  I was in my thirties and forties and I wrote poetry.  Some of it was even pretty good.  I thought I might recycle some of it here.  I took out the folder of my old work.  Read through it and smiled to myself.  I can remember when I wrote each piece.  I can smell what the day was like.  Memories flooded into me.


I decided not to share anything.  I had a pretty hard time in my thirties and forties.  Life challenged me, to say the least.  Writing was what helped me through those times.  I was able to pour out feelings and emotions that had to come out somehow.  I am glad I got that folder out.  It is good to revisit times in your life and see where you are now.


I have come away with this today.  I may not be clever, entertaining or stimulating in my writing, but it is a very part of me that I cannot live without.  It has woven itself through my life in many ways and forms.  In reading what I have written, I can see the road I have travelled and the situations I have overcome.  Grateful for what has happened throughout my life, I am even more grateful for where I am now.  The scrapbook of memories that I read through this morning are reminders that this life is worth living.  It is worth the tears and the fears and the fighting.  It is being able to rake the yard, one more time and feel the glorious presence of the Creator who has given me this day today.


Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate you.  DAF


2 thoughts on “For Lack of a Clever Title….

  1. I usually have an idea, the title always throw me off. Sometimes I think I will just write words up there and post on something totally off the wall. Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement. It’s early for you, isn’t it?

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