Did I miss Thanksgiving?…

I will be the first to admit that I am ready for Christmas this year.  I am ready to put up the decorations and to start to play the music.  I love going into the stores and hearing the music already and seeing the decorations and the displays of ready to go gifts.  I love looking at ornaments.  I love seeing the areas for Santa to come and sit and listen to list upon list.  I admit I am ready to go.

But…  I like to wait until Thanksgiving before truly jumping into the full swing of Christmas.  I love Thanksgiving.  I love the cooking and the baking and the eating.  Eating is especially the best part of Thanksgiving.  Watching the Macy’s parade is right up there also.  I don’t mind if I miss the first part of the parade, but I have to see the end of it.  I have to see Santa arriving and hearing the ho ho ho’s.  That’s my cue that the holidays have begun.


I had a friend (well, still do) that we had a friendly competition for years.  We would try to be the first one to get our Christmas cards to each other.  I would send mine so that she would get theirs around the first or second of December.  We laughed often about who would get theirs first.  Most years she won, occasionally, I won.  We no longer play the game, but it was fun while it lasted.

I wait until the beginning of December to start my Christmas cards.  I try to get things ready to go before then, but, usually, I wait. 

So, all of this and the title of this post…  what has started my thinking?  Today in the mail, we received our first Christmas card.  There is was, Christmas stamp and a Christmas scene on the envelope.  I couldn’t believe it!  So, I guess the season has begun, a week before Thanksgiving…    Somehow, it just doesn’t seem right.  I will assume that hubby’s cousin is bored and retired and anxious to get things done before December! 

Thanks for stopping by today, I appreciate your visits.  DAF

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4 thoughts on “Did I miss Thanksgiving?…

  1. I agree that everything is already Christmas – it’s hard to wait. But lucky for me, my hubby strictly enforces the no decorating before Thanksgiving rule! But I’m ready – ordered Christmas cards this week and was surprised they came today! They’ll be postmarked Dec 2nd!

  2. Santa is already at the Mall! I’m not sure how considering he doesn’t officially arrive until the parade, but there he is in all his glory. Earlier and earlier every year….I wish we could just breathe and savor our traditions one at a time.

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