An Exercise in Futility….

Our house is surrounded by trees.  Mostly pine trees.  When we first moved in, I thought it was one of the best parts of this house.  That was in the spring.  During the summer, I grew to dislike the squirrels who would climb the pine trees and devour the pine cones, throwing all the unwanted bits of the pine cones onto our driveway.  When fall came, I decided I no longer liked the pine trees.  They shed their pine straw over everything.  If we don’t drive a car in a day or two, then it looks like an abandoned vehicle with all the debris from the pine trees.

Hubby is very good in removing all the debris from the yard and the driveway.  He is great in removing the pine crap from the cars.

Since hubby is unable to use one of his arms, I knew that for the next few weeks, I would be the pine tree warrior.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was in the low 70’s.   A bright, sunny day, with a gentle breeze.  I decided that I was going to attack the yard and the driveway which were covered in pine needles and pine cone bits.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday raking leaves.  I haven’t done that in a long time.  I raked the pine from the yard.  I swept the driveway.  It looked so nice.  I was sore, but pleased that I was able to carry out a task that hubby does so well.

I was happy with my day’s work until early evening.  That is when the wind started.  Soon, the wind shook the windows and the temperature in the house dropped a few degrees.  Walking the dog last night, I knew my work had been vain.  Leaves were blowing everywhere and I could see in the dark that pine cones were flying off the trees.

This morning, I looked outside.  Here is what I saw…



Thanks for stopping by… I am going to wait until the wind stops and try again… DAF


2 thoughts on “An Exercise in Futility….

  1. Oh, dear … it’s like shoveling the snow while it’s still snowing … Will you kick me if I say “great job!” anyway?! As frustrating as it must have been, at least you have beautiful trees. Not like the suburbs where they remove the trees to name streets after them. 😉

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