A week ago today my dear hubby had surgery.  Nothing pressing, at least for me.  He has had shoulder issues for a long time and after a recent fall, his shoulder was really giving him fits.

Off we went, once more, to the doctors.  It was determined that he needed surgery.  Last Tuesday, we did just that.  The surgery center was incredible.  A new facility and it was such a good experience.

I figured I would be tied up at the surgery center all day long.  We arrived early for our 7:30 a.m. arrival time.  By 7:45 a.m., they had called hubby back to start the process of admitting him.  8 a.m. saw me going back to his little room and he was all prepped and ready to go.  Sharply at 9 a.m. they wheeled my semi-conscience hubby to the operating room.

His surgery was scheduled for 9 and I was surprised that they were right on time.  I went to the waiting room and figured that I had most of the day to sit.  I had brought a banana from home and I figured I could find coffee somewhere.  In the waiting room was one of those wonderful machines that make not only coffee, but lattes and espresso and hot chocolate.   I sat down with a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of magazines and word puzzles.  Ready for the long haul.

Ninety minutes later the doctor came out, told me hubby was well and that he had two very good reasons to be in pain.  That’s comforting as I was hoping he wasn’t faking it… (yes, sarcasm there).  From a previous shoulder experience, hubby had a 1/4 inch in diameter piece of bone floating under his shoulder and he had a 2 inch tear in his rotator cuff.   Both were taken care of , promptly, I might add.

I went back to the recovery room and within the hour I was at home, hubby settled on the couch and off to pick up prescriptions for him.

Looking back on this past week, I feel like everything has been in fast forward time.  I like to be quick about things.  I don’t dawdle.  I like to keep moving and try to carry out as much as possible in a little time.  But, that is when I am doing things, when I am doing the planning.  This week has felt almost too fast for me.

I feel like I am running behind, almost catching up to things, but just having things out of my reach.  This week my goal is to have things slow down.  Catch my breath and get on with things according to my schedule.

At least, that is my goal…  Hubby’s post op check is early on Thursday.  We like early appointments, but we forgot that only one person is getting two people ready, is sure has been an adventure.  Hubby is doing well.  He is improving and feeling better daily.  Me?  Well, I almost caught the last speeding truck that ran through my living room….

Thanks for stopping by!  DAF

9 thoughts on “Whew!!!…

  1. Hey…you wrote…yippee…and it’s great you recapped since you’re so immersed in your husband’s healing. Must have felt good to take it all and place it on the page where it belongs…

  2. I feel like I’m running behind constantly. I’m so glad everything went well. Prayerfully healing and recovery will be quick. Wishing you some quiet time and a good nights sleep. Love you my friend.

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