Something New…

Today, I did something different.   I started a Facebook page for my blog.  I thought that if anyone wants to follow the blog on Facebook, they could.  Don’t exactly know what all will appear on this page, but, this I do know.  If anyone wants to have a conversation this page allows for a personal message to be sent to me and I can keep my anonymous stature, but still receive messages.

So, if you want to be part of this experiment with me, like me on Facebook!  There is a little widget on my home page that allows you to do that.  I would love to hear from you.   If, however, this turns out to be a bust, then I will delete the Facebook page.


The idea came to me late last week and so, I thought, today, I would try it out.


Will write more soon, hope everyone is well.  DAF


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16 thoughts on “Something New…

  1. How interesting is this, because I recently started a page too…for an ebook that I have coming out. Was a really big deal for me, and I’ve yet to master all the controls and underpinnings of Facebook, and not being a natural self-promoter, there’s a part of me that’s very self-conscious over the whole thing. That said DAF, I’m thrilled that you’ve done it too. Makes me feel partnered in the adventure. Some people are so gifted at lauding themselves, selling their wares so to speak. I truly think it’s a talent to be able to say…hey,..look at me…over here…pay attention…I’m really something. Well, what I do know is that you, after your month of candor and crisp observaton, you are really something.

    Hope your husband is faring. Tell him I’m thinking about him.

  2. Well, hubby is unable to get ready for bed by himself now, and for some reason his meds are keeping him up… so I am up waiting for him to tire. I could go to bed, but I know when he comes in I will have to get up to help him with his sling and things as he is down to using his left arm (he is right handed) and it’s not pretty. Have only managed a couple hours of sleep each night, which is one reason why I haven’t been writing… I am having trouble figuring out how to open the laptop in my sleepy state! So good to hear from you…

  3. Sorry this is such a challenging time…I do know all things pass and he’ll rally…just must be hard for you to see his frustration. He’s lucky though…not everyone would have a you 🙂

  4. Aww… he is pretty great, I am not a true nurse, but I am trying. He is anxious to be out of a sling, but may have a few more weeks in it… It hasn’t been too bad, the time just seems to fly by and I don’t seem to get everything done. I appreciate you. What are you doing up so late?

  5. It’s like learning how to drive a foreign car…my pal Alex is coaching me…is there anyone you know who has already honed the skill? It’s like WordPress, once you learn something you thing…ah…now I see.

  6. Well, I have my own personal facebook page and have that down pat. I also administrate a high school class page for our reunion and I have that one down. Somehow, I cannot get things lined up on my wordpress page. I really wanted to have it, so that people could ‘like’ the page and then if anyone wanted to correspond, it could happen on facebook. Will hopefully get it figured out.

  7. WordPress can be glitchy…like my LIKE button doesn’t always work or my picture won’t snap on. Have no idea why,…my friend Jimmiechew, can’t even post pictures right now…her site is practically frozen, and they aren’t very good about getting back to you when you email them for support. Oh well…like I always say…it’s about the writing…everything else falls second.

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