On an Adventure…

It seems so strange to not have to write a post today and yet, all day I kept feeling like I was missing something.


This morning we took our little puppy to spend the weekend with two of his friends, Hank and Clark.  He will play and run with them while hubby and I are on an adventure.


Hubby, who is looking at being housebound for several weeks starting this week, wanted to get away.  One last drive before his arm is bound and there will be no more driving, no more shifting gears, no more passing safely.  He will be chair bound.


So, after dropping off our Shugo, we got in the car and headed to the mountains.  It started to be a gorgeous drive until we hit rain and more rain, and traffic and fog.  I was relieved he was doing the driving.  But, now, here we sit, unwinding and enjoying the sunny view out our hotel window.  I can see the leaves on the trees, red and orange and vibrant.


Will take pictures and will share more of our adventure later!  Thanks for stopping by!  DAF


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6 thoughts on “On an Adventure…

  1. I love that your puppy had a play date, and why can’t you write more? You can…doesn’t have to be a project anymore, but I know how you flourished in the process. I will say a prayer for your husband that patience and peace prevail during this trial. He has you, he has man’s best friend, besides you, and Little Man to keep his spirits afloat.

  2. Thank you for your prayers. This weekend was a much needed shot in the arm for us. I am now feeling much more hopeful about the coming weeks. Will play catch up on writing tomorrow, thanks for your continued encouragement and friendship, I so appreciate you!

  3. I don’t know if I had mentioned it before, actually can’t remember. he fell in July and tore his rotator cuff… so that is being repaired tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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