Quiet Day… 31 Days of Observing…

31 Days Observing

This morning hubby and I slept in.  We very rarely do this.  A late start to the morning is 9 a.m..  Today I looked at the clock as I opened my eyes and it said 10:30.   I jumped up thinking that the  day was almost half over and I had slept through it.


I did my usual routine, walking the dog and so on.  I then sat down and realized I felt like doing nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I was going to be content to just sit all day long with laptop on my lap and browse, read and play games.


That thought lasted about a minute and half.  So, started in with my day, late, but nonetheless, it was started.  I sorted laundry and folded towels and straightened the rooms.  I thought about blogging and realized there was nothing exciting happening.


While fixing a late lunch I looked out the window to the pond.  Nothing there that caught my eye, except that it had started to rain.  I hadn’t even noticed that.


After lunch I watched as two crows pecked at the bank on the other side of the pond.  It was interesting to watch as they carefully approached the pond itself.  It was like they knew what lurks under the water.  They cautiously hopped to the edge of the water and began to drink.  I had never stood to watch this.

That is when it occurred to me.  I am having a quiet day.  A slow day.  A day to relax.  What was even more amazing to me, I am actually enjoying this slow day.  I am not concerned about what needs to be done and what I will do next.


Too often I miss days like this.  I worry and fret and stew over being quiet.  Yes, I realized that robs me of the quiet I need.  I take for granted what I have been given in being able to rest.  Today, I am grateful for the quiet.  I am glad to be able to stop and notice it.


Of course, there is that quiet voice in me that is nagging me to get up and clean something and make myself useful.  I think I will ignore that too.


Thanks for stopping by today.  DAF


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