87658.1 minutes….. 31 Days of Observing….

31 Days Observing

Today, looking at the date, my mind started to reel.

October 25th.  Two months from today is Christmas.  8 weeks from today is Christmas.  87658.1 minutes (give or take a few) is Christmas. 

For some reason, this year, Christmas has been on my mind.  I am anxious for it to get here.  I want to decorate.  I want to bake.  I want to get ready for the day. 

Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with shopping.  That, I am not anxious to start.  Cleaning to get the house ready for decorations… not ready to do that.  Actually doing the baking of cookies?  I love to eat cookies, not so keen on baking them.  If truth be told my favorite recipe comes in those packages where you pop the cookies off the cardboard paper and put them in the oven. 

But, aside from the above, I am ready for Christmas.  The excitement of it.  The smells of the holidays.  The tree (which makes my eyes water and nose run), the  cookies baking (even the package kind smell good), the colder air outside, the candles of bayberry and cinnamon. 

The sights of Christmas I am anxious to see.  The light displays on the lawns of the neighborhood, the lights on the trees, the garland strung on doorways and porches, the faces of little ones in stores.  It is going to be here soon.

The sounds of Christmas are always varied, but unique to the holiday.  The music (that has already started to play in stores), the horns honking in parking lots, the children squealing over something they want, the parents of young kids losing their patience with kids in the mall, the wrapping paper being cut and ribbon being curled.

It is all calling out to me.  I know, in a month when I am ready to put up the decorations I will be hot and tired and sore from bending over and putting things up.  I will be sneezing over the dust that has accumulated in ornament boxes.  I will be questioning my sanity of hanging snowflakes from the ceiling to make our house a winter wonderland.  It will all seem ridiculous at that point about why I am doing it all.

Why am I so anxious this year?   Maybe the reason is that there are seasons in our lives where we need a little Christmas.  We need the excitement and the joy and the hope we all feel during that season.  Maybe I want to try old decorations in a new house.  Maybe I need to remember that the birth we celebrate on the 25th of December is the One who is with me through the year, and the excitement of that day is still available to me the rest of the year.   

Could be any of those maybe’s.  Today, I am observing that I am ready for Christmas.





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2 thoughts on “87658.1 minutes….. 31 Days of Observing….

  1. This is going to be a wonderful Christmas! I feel it in the air already. : ) Loved this post. The best sentence was the last (she smiles).

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