Bitten….. 31 Days of Observing…

31 Days Observing

The other evening it was perfect walking weather, nice and warm.  Hubby and I went out with the dog for our usual evening rounds.  On our way we met up with another couple from down the street.  Actually, we heard them before we saw them, as their boxer was straining at her leash to run wild.  Their dachshund was running free and they were unable to get to him.

Our Shugo was just curious about what was going on.  Being attracted to the female and annoyed with the little dachshund nipping at his paws.  It was a circus moment, something happening in each ring!

We talked with our neighbors while sorting out the dogs.  I kept noticing the mosquitoes in the air.  They buzzed me several times and I continued to swat at them.

A day later I had this observation…. the mosquitoes in their last hurrah before cold weather were having their own Thanksgiving feast on me.  I have bites all over my arms, legs, and ankles.  The worst?  Some little bug decided to go for the whipped cream, I have a bite right beside my thumbnail.  I have never had a mosquito bite there.   I hope they enjoyed their feast, because I will be glad to see them go!

Bitten… I bet you thought it had something to do with the current fascination of vampires, right?  No, not me…

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6 thoughts on “Bitten….. 31 Days of Observing…

  1. what a very nice lighthearted post. very lovely.

    I also have allergy rash from an ant bite, I hope your mosquito bites are not as itchy as the ones that I have – so annoyed. I hope it goes away pretty soon.

    stay amazing 🙂

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