Seasons…. 31 Days of Observing…


31 Days Observing

Each day of this challenge I have wondered what I was going to write.  It is one of the first thoughts of my day.  I noticed yesterday that I was counting the days until the end of the month.  But, I am determined that I will not stop now.

This morning I woke up, did my usual routine and thought about a topic.  I looked as I was walking the dog.  I stood at the windows looking out at my yard trying to see something unusual.  Nothing popped out.  I watched the dog laying on the floor, he was not co-operating either.  He just lay there licking himself.

I looked over at hubby.  Sitting in his chair with his headphones on, he was oblivious to anything around him.  I knew I would get nothing there.

I went to my Reader to see what other bloggers were writing about.  Today was a full day of reading.  My heart was tugged in many ways.  I know I have attachments to many of the writers of the blogs I follow.  I find I rejoice with them and grieve with them.  They are part of my life.

bliss in images  wrote a compelling post today.  Titled into the woods, it is a good read that I recommend.

It was in reading her post today that my post came into mind.  What I have noticed or observed is that each person I know and have had conversations with have seasons of their lives that they revisit.  Some of these seasons are wonderful times of warm memories and joy.  Some seasons are harsh, like a cold winter, filled with bitterness and frigid times.  Each of these scenarios are hard to revisit, I think.

The joyous times are hard to revisit because they have a sense of sadness in being over.  The joy is in the past, it is a warm memory, but it is a chapter that has already been read and lived.  They can bring a longing to return and knowledge that what transpired can never be replayed in the exact way again.  They are relegated to the scrapbook of memories in our hearts.

The bitter seasons are even more difficult.  The memories are not easy to relive.  They hurt.  They cause pain.  They bring tears and a pit in your stomach that cannot be settled.  Those seasons hold areas needing forgiveness.  Forgiving others for behavior they had and forgiveness for yourself, which is even harder to give at times.   The visits to these seasons can come unexpectedly, when you least want to remember.

But, revisit seasons of our lives is something we all do.  We walk through the scrapbook in our heart, looking at memories, dusting off feelings and either tossing them aside where they belong or gently wrapping them up so we can gingerly take them out again.

Thanks for stopping by today.  DAF


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2 thoughts on “Seasons…. 31 Days of Observing…

  1. I’m enjoying your posts this month. It’s challenging, isn’t it, to write every day. I’ve had to miss a couple, but I’m doing my best!

  2. your posts are always wonderful. Was telling hubby last night how much I enjoy reading your blog, and what a wonderful family you have just from reading about them. Were your ears burning?

    I am glad you are enjoying my posts, that means a lot to me. yes, it is challenging to write every day, but I think it is a good exercise too.

    Your posts, as always are incredible! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you bless me!

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