A dose of sunshine… 31 Days of Observing

I woke up this morning with the usual list running in my mind.  Need to get up, walk the dog, clean the kitchen, bake for tomorrow, figure out dinner tonight and get into a better mood.
Started to check off my list, dog fed, dog walked, smiled to neighbors, get online, check email, and I felt like doing nothing else.   So, I poured my first cup of coffee and thought I would ponder the world of blogs by reading.
Hubby came in from his early morning chores and I started to make him some juice.  That is when I got a text.  It was a wonderful one word text.  ‘Skype?’    A smile came over me, on my face, in my heart and I believe the sun started to shine a bit brighter.
I hurried with the juice and positioned the computer.  I know what the other side will hold.  Tapping the right icons, listening to the little computer noises and there, before me, is the cutest little face!  A quick smile greets me and a series of babbles and pointing.  I am in heaven!
I see the collection of pumpkins that were picked out yesterday at the pumpkin patch and I get my dose of true and pure sunshine.  I am filled full and the day takes on new beauty.  I am amazed as I see how our Lord packs the glorious universe of happiness into one smile from LIttle Man.
Yes, I am a proud Grammy and I don’t deny it.  He is my very special gift from our Lord and when all is dull around me, I can see the glory of God in the innocence of Little Man.
Hope you have a real dose of sunshine in your life today also.  DAF

5 thoughts on “A dose of sunshine… 31 Days of Observing

  1. My face was a full smile from ear-to-ear, and my head nodded as I read your post. Yes indeed. You’ve captured him and our response perfectly! Your challenge writings have been superb and I have enjoyed each and everyone. Keep up your writing. It’s a blessing to many.

  2. I knew it was Little Man before you said it. What a wonderful tale to share. I know how much you adore him so the image of him perched behind pumpkins is warming me from here. I love that you bake and make juice…have a dog…your life sounds happy and purposeful 🙂

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