Thinking… 31 Days of Observing…

I have spent much of the morning thinking to myself.  Nothing major, just thinking.  We did some errands first thing this morning and that sort of switched up my routine.  I am a creature of habit.  I freely admit it.  I like order and things done the way I always do them.  I think I have always been that way, but I have noticed it more in the past couple years.  I like to say I am easy-going and like to do things on the spur of the moment.  Truth is, it gets to me a bit.
That revelation came to me this morning as I was riding with hubby while on errands.  I have thought it before, but, I ignored it.  After all, I would love to be one of those carefree women.  The ones who get up looking lovely and put together.  The ones who breeze through breakfast and are off to do what comes up.
No, I am a list maker.  I like to see those things checked off.  It gives me great pleasure to have a page of things to do and one by one see them being crossed out.
Another part of this whole thing of observing myself mentally is that I know I am a person of great faith.  I have been through things that would shake another’s faith to the point of them walking away forever.  No, I know I have stood my ground and held on, believing.  It’s not bragging, it’s a fact.  I take comfort in that fact.  I owe that all to the Lord.  He was beside me and held on and I clung for dear life.  I got to the other side of a difficulty and I was standing firm, of course I think I left finger marks in the Lord’s arm where I was squeezing for all I was worth, but, nevertheless, I made it through.
All of this brings me to the observation I have had today.  Sometimes it’s the little things that really get to us.  The little things that drop us.  Years ago I had major surgery.  You know the type where you are cut open from one side to the other?  Well, I healed and was recuperating.  I was moving around and getting stronger.  One morning I woke up in great pain.  I mean, just awful pain.  Worse than having a baby type pain.  I could hardly move.  I went to the emergency room and there I had a single staple removed that was overlooked when I was discharged.  Every other staple was removed, except one.  They removed it with a staple puller.  As soon as it was taken out, the pain was gone.
Sometimes, it’s the little things that cause us the most annoyance.  I thought of this today, and I have noticed it’s not the major things that happen that get to me.  It’s the little things.
Little things can either thrill us or kill us.  That’s my observation for today, being aware of the little things and not tripping over them.   DAF

6 thoughts on “Thinking… 31 Days of Observing…

  1. Just dropping in to check how your 31 days is going. How are you finding it?

    Most of us tend to sweat the small stuff and it’s a real skill not to fixate so much on the detail. In the end most of what we sweat on is small stuff and as we are going through that sweaitng we think ithe issues are so important. Prespective, faith and self belief help lift us into the stratasphere.

    You’re about half way there, DAF!!

  2. The blogging challenge is a bit daunting, as I am thinking I won’t be able to continue finding things to write about daily… it is getting a bit easier, of course I still bow to you, oh blogging hero! Your posts are always filled with fun and interest. Someday… someday I will be up there with you! Thanks for the encouragement, I do appreciate it!

  3. Creature comforts are very comforting to the creature if habit…I’m certainly one…I hate change even though it’s like a perpetual train coming down the tracks. It’s hard to live one day at a time, staying in your present, and I’m so sorry to think you had major surgery…but I’ve learned with my ear trauma that sweating the small stuff just isn’t worth our time DAF…another lovely observance.

  4. thank you once more for your kind words, I so appreciate your encouragement! How are you feeling with your ears? You don’t mention them often and I always forget to ask. I think of you often and pray for your ears to be whole and healthy again.

  5. This was a wonderful message and reminder not to sweat he small stuff. Your observation reminded me how physically painful a little hang nail can be on your finger. This little tiny microscopic piece of unwanted skin can make you cringe..which is exactly how I feel sometimes when my son leaves his stuff all over the bathroom or my co-worker acts like it is her first day on the job, instead of her 5th year. I need to remember to pluck it and move on. Thanks DAF!

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