Solitude…. 31 Days of Observing….

Hubby had an errand this morning.  He asked me join him, and I declined.  I didn’t feel like going out, especially where he was headed.
So, for the first time in a while, I am home alone.  Not just for an hour, but for more.  It is delicious.  It is quiet.  It is exactly what I have needed.
I am an introvert.  I love quiet times of solitude.  It is refreshing to me.  It energizes me.  Yes, I could be a hermit and be quite content, I am that bad.
I have learned to deal the past couple years.  Hubby is not noisy, he is not bothersome (for the most part 🙂 ), but he is here.  His presence all day long and all night long can be tiring for me.  Having spent a great deal of our marriage with him deployed and then on business trips, this time together is a challenge for me.  One I don’t always conquer.
But, today, this morning, I am alone.  I have forgotten how lovely it is to be the only one in the house.  I finished getting some things organized and put away from earlier and I sat down for a cup of coffee and a piece of toast.  Just for me.  I did not have to get coffee and toast for anyone else.  I did not have to talk to anyone.  I sat, alone at the table, the dog at my feet and enjoyed myself.  The coffee with just a hint of sweet and cream and the toast, wheat bread just the right hardness to it with melted butter on it.  I sat and enjoyed the coffee and the salty toast.  It was close to heaven.  I read some Psalms and some words a good friend had written me four years ago.  The words, then, were nice but somehow didn’t mean much to me.  Rereading them this morning, I realized how much they describe the past couple years.  The words, prophetic to me, encouraged me unexpectedly.  I talked with the Lord.  I had a great quiet time.  A slow time, not rushed to make certain I should do something for hubby.  It was just me.  I savored the time.
Looking out our window I watched as bright red leaves danced in the wind.  They will abandon their posts soon and the branches will be bare until spring.  I hadn’t noticed the tree for a while and somehow, even that, made my morning complete.
Today, with time alone, I am observing a quiet life I took for granted.  It is a wonderful respite.
Hoping you rediscover a calm today also, DAF

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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