Sunday Observations…. 31 Days of Observing

Today is Sunday.  A busy day with church and cleaning up after church and getting on with your day.  Today it is a fall day.  It is a bit overcast and it feels like fall.  I love days like this.  Neighbors are working in their yards, decorating their porches.  It feels like fall and looks like fall.  Pumpkins are appearing on steps.  Scarecrows are in the yards.  Little ghosts are hanging from trees.  It feels like fall.
Kids are still in their shorts and tee shirts and actually, it is still warm.  But, it feels like fall.  I notice that I am ready for fall.  I am ready for heavier clothes.  Ready for hot cider and pumpkin pies.   I am ready to sit in my warm jammies in front of a fire.  I am ready for fall.
In fact, I have already started to think about where to put my Christmas decorations… but, that is another post.  So, today, it feels like fall.
Thanks for stopping by.  DAF

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

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