Hidden in the Ordinary…. 31 Days of Observing….

I don’t think I have consistently written a post for longer than five days straight.  I have tried to write daily, but usually after about five days I lose momentum and it takes me a few days of not writing to start-up again.   This challenge is becoming that, a challenge.
This morning while walking, I was trying to think of what to write.  The weather?  No, just did that.  (fall is here for good, I think).  Friends?  No, just did that, a couple of times.  Hubby?  No, that just isn’t exciting.
No ideas.  Just an ordinary day.  Walking the dog.  Being in the fresh air.  Looking at the decorations on the homes.  A lovely ordinary day.
So, with that in mind, my decision was made to write on an ordinary day.    The walk I take with the dog each morning is simple.  We walk up the slight hill by our home and down an incline to the cul-de-sac on the other street in our neighborhood.  He stops at the mailboxes he wants to water and the big excitement is where he decides to do his business.  Yes, that is our ordinary.  Pretty exciting stuff.
I was grasping on the way home to find something extraordinary in our walk.  I figured I would have to embellish a great deal in this post.  Lost in my thoughts, it finally occurred to me, that the dog was pulling me the entire walk.  He was darting all over on his leash.  He usually heels nicely when we are walking.  Today he was having a sniff fest.  Along our path he went from the left to the right, his nose working overtime.  I stopped him, made him heel and he would behave for a few seconds.
Hidden in the ordinary for me, was something new and exciting for him.  Is it a new pet in the neighborhood?  We have had a couple new families move in.  Or, maybe with the cooler weather there are more nocturnal animals roaming the neighborhood from the woods that surround the homes.  Whatever, it is exciting for our dog.  He loves going out again (of course, he always loves going out).  There are new scents to explore and discover.

So, my observation today? Hidden in the mundane part of our days is something different.  I need to stop doing the casual observation.  The obvious observation.  I truly do need to notice things.  To study what is near to me.
As I walked into the house I prayed that my eyes would be open to see and to hear and to understand that things may be changing around me.  I thought of the scripture that sort of fit what I was thinking about,  the one where Jesus was teaching in parables and wasn’t being understood and he quoted Isaiah and said this, : “and they have closed their eyes— so their eyes cannot see, and their ears cannot hear, and their hearts cannot understand, and they cannot turn to me  and let me heal them.”  (Matthew 13: 15b, The New Living Translation)
Today, I am thinking of the hidden blessings and joys in my ordinary day.  Today I am hoping to see and hear hope in the quiet that is our normal.
Thank you for stopping by today.  I appreciate your visit.  DAF

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M. Catherine Thomas is a published writer, speaker and teacher. Mother of two and grandmother..

12 thoughts on “Hidden in the Ordinary…. 31 Days of Observing….

  1. Fabulous! You did an amazing job of weaving the ordinary into something extraordinary. Loved this. I used to write a post every week day, and now I struggle to find something to write about every week or two. I need to open my eyes. Perfect Scripture passage to go along with your post.

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