A Confidant… 31 Days of Observing

My first task each morning is walking our dog.  It gets me into the fresh air and I am moving and both are good things to do.  This morning, I started my morning a bit late, it was wonderful.

As I was heading back to the house my cell phone rang.  It was a wonderful voice on the other end and as she told me she was multitasking, I told her I was doing the same, talking and walking the dog.  She then asked if she had interrupted a conversation with Mother Nature…  She knows me well.  I told her I wasn’t talking to Mother Nature at the time, so she was safe!  (Actually, truth be known, Nature was pretty silent today as we both know that she lied to me yesterday… it is summer again here, no fall in sight, at all… but I digress)

I have written about this friend several times, and each time I have shared a bit more of how much I am grateful for her.  Today is no exception.  She has a knack for knowing just when to call.  She knows what to say and how to phrase it.  She is my confidant and encourager.

Today our conversation hit many areas and topics, each meaning so very much to me.  We talked about compartmentalizing things, how it is sometimes easy to do, and sometimes the thing that keeps us sane in a not so sane world.

This topic got my mind imagining so many things.  I saw luggage, lots of it.  All locked and packed and either ready to be stored or shipped to locations far away.  The luggage was all different sizes, from the carry on size to the size that is no longer allowed on planes unless you mortgage your house to pay for it to be transported.

The next series of thought came in how we deal with our luggage.  Do we keep it locked up, sealed, the contents hidden away?  Do we lose the key, therefore forfeiting our right to retrieve the contents?  How do we deal with the luggage we pack away to keep us sane in this world?

Interesting thoughts for a Saturday morning, I think.

My observation is this. Each one of us has some packed bags.  It’s inevitable.  Lives become complicated, messy.  It is easier to think about it tomorrow…

What makes this scenario positive is that I have a friend, a confidant, an encourager who will come beside me.  She makes me laugh, she gives me courage to unlock some bags.  Sometimes they are just the carry-on sizes and we just open them a crack and they are closed back tightly, other times she grabs the keys from my hand and throws open another and we dig in and explore and toss away.

Proverbs 18:24 says, “A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (New King James Version)

May today, for you, be filled with friends.  I hope there is a friend that will come along side of you and help you unlock some things that may have been hard for you to carry.  I am grateful for the phone call this morning.  More than that, I am grateful for my friend.  She has been an anchor and strength and security for me through so many storms and rough seas.   Thanks for stopping by, DAF


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