Conversation with Nature… 31 Days of Observing

This morning heading out the door to walk my dog Shugo, I stepped onto the porch and felt the heat of the sun.  Groaning to whoever or whatever was listening I complained about the heat.
I have been known to talk to myself and to carry on conversations with myself, and this is most likely what I was doing, but for creativity sake I am going to say I had a conversation with nature.
Here is how it went:
DAF: The sun is hot and it is supposed to be fall.  (make certain you put an air of disgust in this statement)
Nature: Yes, it is fall and a glorious fall day.  Look at the blue in the sky, you don’t see that any other time of the year.
DAF:  True, true….  the clouds are also very nice.  Crisp, white and fluffy.  But… the sun is hot and it is fall!
Nature:  Do not worry, the sun’s reign of terrifying heat is passed for this year.
DAF:  And how can you be certain of this?  I feel heat….
Nature: Observe some things.  (notice, Nature knew I was looking for blog posts on observing things)
DAF:  Like what?  I feel the sun’s heat!  (yes, I can be fixated on certain things)
Nature:  See the long shadows so early in the day?  That means the sun has moved and that also means that although you feel heat, the reign of sweltering temperatures is over. (Nature was trying hard to reassure me)
DAF:  That’s true, the shadows are long and beautiful.  The light in the trees is also beautiful.  It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?  A little hot, but such a pretty day… (yes, I am caving)
Nature:  How do you feel in the shadows you are walking in?
DAF:  It isn’t  so hot in the shadows… hmm. maybe you are right Nature.
Nature:  Do you feel the nuance in the air?  The one that starts warm but ends with a brisk touch?  Feel that, DAF?
DAF:  Yes, yes, I do feel that slight nuance.  Is this the one with a promise of cool weather?  Is this truly the heralding of fall?  Is that nuance also have a smell to it of falling leaves?
Nature:  (excitedly) YES!  YES!   You have noticed the change!  You have seen that summer is past, and fall is upon us.  How wonderful!
DAF:  So, when is it going to get to the point where I can put on a jacket and feel my face getting cold?  When is it going to be really windy?
Nature: (sighing with frustration) Oh, DAF, you were so close….  the sky?  the clouds?  the shadows?
DAF:  (taking a deep breath) Yes, today is glorious, just pulling your leg Nature.
“This is the day the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it.”  (Psalm 118:24, New Living Translation)
Thanks for eavesdropping today on my conversation,   DAF

5 thoughts on “Conversation with Nature… 31 Days of Observing

  1. It’s hard to be open and admit your feelings on the page, because once they land there, there’s no going back. It’s very freeing so keep at it. I have so much shame sometimes when it comes to my truth…I’ve gotten better because it’s a process…think of the writers that you like, they spill their guts and you love them for it. Have you ever read Anne Lamott? You’d love her. She’s born again, with a sense of humor that’s more than hilarious. I bet your library would have her…get her nonfiction…Operating Instructions, Assembly Required…you’d love that…it’s when she became a grandmother. I find reading writers that reveal give me permission to do the same. It’s like they’re teaching you to swim. I truly loved what you wrote 🙂

  2. how incredibly kind! Thank you, and that seems so shallow to write. Your comment has blown me away, actually. Thank you for the time and encouragement you freely give. It means much to me. I loved your comment, it made my evening.

  3. I love this! Funny how much we mourn the passing of summer up here, and how you look forward to it there. I hope crisp fall days are in your near future!

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