On Observing…


The past couple days a couple of the blogs I follow have started a challenge.  The challenge is for 31 Days of Noticing  from http://www.thenester.com/.

This is the first challenge I am participating in and it may be clunky… it may not even work, but I am going to give it a try anyhow.

I used to pride myself at knowing my way around a computer.  I could design and move and drag and do all that cool stuff…  Years of not being in the workforce has now made me see a few things.

First, I am very rusty in my computer skills.   Second, linking and going back to other blogs is like reading a foreign language, and those who know me, know I am terrible at foreign languages!

Thirdly, I am a big chicken.  Seeing challenges and wanting to take part are two different things than actually attempting to take part.  Lately, though, I have read several blogs that have convinced me that I need to step out and try something new and different….

So, here goes… I am a bit late on doing 31 days for October as this is already the second…  Maybe I should title mine 29 days of observing?

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully, this will work.  DAF


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