Lesson Seven of this Visit…

As I have mentioned, Little Man caught a cold.  He is still smiling and playful and very happy.  This cold, though, has curbed visits to the park.  Walks are taken, but we are trying to keep him away from places that are laden with germs as much as possible.

His little nose has been both stuffed and runny.  This is a great inconvenience for him, as it does slow him down just a bit.  He has had to endure saline treatments for his nose and the giants in the apartment following him around trying to wipe and clean his nose.  The worst offense is having his nose suctioned out…. that is greatest obstacle in having this cold.  It just isn’t fair.   This is adversity at its greatest.

My lesson?  You can fuss during adverse times.  You can holler when things don’t seem fair.  But, don’t wallow in it.  Get back on your feet  and go play, read a book or have a game of chase.  It will do your soul good.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit.  DAF


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