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Lesson Eight of this Visit…

on September 24, 2013

Little Man is so adorable.  He smiles and you want to kiss him.  He giggles and you want to kiss him.  He comes to you with a book to read and you want to kiss him.  He runs and plays and hides from you only to burst into giggles and you want to kiss him.

I have kissed on him for this entire week.  I have kissed his little nose and his little face.  I have hugged him and kissed his little neck.  I have loved each sweet kiss from him.

My lesson on this since I have already posted today?  With all the kisses on Little Man with his runny nose and cold…  I can catch it too!

Would I change anything?  Would I keep my distance with his rampant germs and cold?  Absolutely not!  My sore throat and stuffy nose is so worth the memory of those sweet kisses I have partaken of this week.  His kisses are as contagious as his cold and his kisses will keep my memories warm until I can be with him again.

Thanks for stopping by again today!  DAF


2 responses to “Lesson Eight of this Visit…

  1. If you’re going to get sick I would rather get it from baby kisses that a dirty sopping cart that’s for sure. I remember that age of kisses & laughter…it is the best!

  2. that’s what I figure… a cold is not so bad when you know the source is a happy little guy!

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