Lesson Six of this Visit….

Yesterday was a quiet day.  My dear daughter caught the case of the ‘beginning of the school year germs’ and has a cold.  Little man has followed suit and came down with the sniffles.

We hung out at the apartment and did take a short walk to get some sunshine and fresh air.

Upon returning, I was helping by putting some things away for my daughter.  They have a closet in the hallway of their apartment where they have extra clothes for the baby as well as storing his toiletries, blankets, toys for the future, and his diaper pail.  This is also where they put his diaper bag when it is not being used.

Yesterday, I was putting his diaper bag away, with Little Man following me around.  He is such a joy to watch do this.  His little squeals of laughter and delight as he says good-bye to anything that goes into the closet.

I went into the closet and as I was bending over to put the diaper bag away, I see the door starting to close.  Click!  It latched shut and I hear a delightful squeal on the other side of the door as little footsteps continue on their mission.

Smiling to myself as I turned the doorknob, I knew what lesson six was going to be…

I am not going to let this kid take care of me in my golden years!  I can hear him now, “Oh, it will be okay, we will just put Grammy in the closet.”

(Yes, I did mean this to be funny…. )

I am having so much fun!  Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit.  DAF


8 thoughts on “Lesson Six of this Visit….

  1. Hahahaha!!! I have thought of that, sometimes little man is just too smart for his own good. He figures things out very easily… I love it! He chatters all day long and you just wish you could understand the stories he is telling you…. the squeals are self explanitory, though.

  2. Oh Grammy! I’m so sorry both our sweeties are not feeling well, but Nana and Biggie are really laughing at this one!! What a picture you’ve painted with your words. I’ll bet he was one surprised little man when you came out of the closet *laughing* We could just picture him pattering down the hallway. Good lesson today. 🙂

  3. he is a doll.. we went shopping today and Momma had him in khaki pants, a chambray shirt and a sweater with a fox on it, along with his driver’s cap, he was so adorable… kept flirting with everyone he saw. I’m not proud or anything…

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