Lesson Three on this Visit…

Yesterday I visited Janelle who blogs at My Men and Me.  She wrote a post that described me perfectly and we have never met.  She didn’t do it intentionally, but it was one of those coincidences…  Here is the link to her blog: http://mymenandme.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/in-the-company-of-women/.

This post talked about her hesitating in going on a women’s time away.  It is a different experience than her normal routine.  We can all relate to new situations and experiences and we all handle them differently.

This morning I took little man for a walk to the local library.  It was a half hour program of music, movement and singing.  My dear daughter had wanted him to experience this time and so this lovely morning I put him in the stroller and we set out.

It was a great adventure, the weather is fall like and the walk to the library was filled with seeing buses and cars and construction cranes.

Little man was enjoying himself and did not realize he was going on a new adventure.  Grammy did.  There was a part of me that was very hesitant about going.  What would be required of me?  Where should I park the stroller? Would I have to sit someplace other than holding on to my dear little man?

No, I do not take well to new experiences.  I don’t welcome them.  Give me the same routine.  Don’t put me out of my comfort zone.  I don’t like it.

So, my lesson for today?  Go with the flow.  Check out the situation, take a few steps into the thick of things and hold on tight to what you know.  That is exactly what little man did today.  He checked out the surroundings and studied the other toddlers.  He took a few steps out on his own, but did not wander far from Grammy’s reach.  When he needed reassurance he climbed back into my lap and sat watching it all.

I was so very proud of him.  He joined in and smiled.  He was a bit reserved, but he participated.  Lesson learned.  This old granny saw how he handles this group.  He didn’t kick and scream.  He went in.  He didn’t cry, he let me do the arm motions with him.  He was brave.  He had a new experience.  He got a stamp on his little arm of Mother Goose.  It was his badge of honor.  He made it through his first group experience.

I think I got a bit braver too, but I didn’t get a stamp on my arm…  yes, I am pouting.  DAF


8 thoughts on “Lesson Three on this Visit…

  1. Love reading of all the lessons you are learning on your visit. I tell my boys that we don’t do “school”, we do “learning”, and every day is a learning day!

  2. OMGosh! You’ve made my DAY!!! Seriously, I was visualizing the whole scene as I read along. What a brave little man he was for trying something new. And what an incredible Grammy you are for loving him enough and trusting the Father to see you through a new experience. A lesson for all of us. Sending big hugs this afternoon!

  3. Oh, to be as brave as that little guy! I’m like you, DAF. I get nervous in new situations and I worry about the smallest details. I wonder how many great opportunities I’ve missed over the years because of my fears. Am I going to change? Not likely! LOL

  4. having read the post from Janelle the day before and then having to venture out into new areas, I knew there was something for me to learn from all of it. I hate new experiences, I revert back to being childish when I have to do something new… just don’t have any apron strings to hide behind. Like you, I don’t think I will change, something about teaching an old dog new tricks…

  5. Being brave gets so much harder as we get older. We are in tuned to the opinions of others that we sometimes shy away from adventures that could open so many other doors. From now on when I start to get negative I will chant “go get that Mother Goose stamp and stop the nonsense.”

  6. What a sweet thing to say! I will need to remember it myself… I always remember you and the Thanksgiving parade balloon… that was an adventure that was being brave to me. Thanks for stopping by!

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