Hugs and Kisses time…

Today I am counting down the hours.  I have another hour until I go online to check into my flight.  I have my list of things to do today.  I am already checking things off.

Hubby has a medical appointment this afternoon, and then I will come home and finish checking off my list.

Tomorrow I will board the plane and head north… yes, it’s grand baby time!

Momma starts back to school on Monday and Nana needs just a few more days to relax and carry out things that can’t be taken care of during the school year.  That means, I get to fill in for Nana for a couple of weeks.  It will be hard to take her place, but I will have fun trying.

To say I am excited, is an understatement.  I love my daughter and son-in-law, but I have to admit I love having the one on one time with my little guy the most.  We will be good and act like we will miss Momma when she walks out the door in the morning, she needs to see that.  Once that door is closed, though…

Precious little one and I will spend the morning together.  We will laugh and talk to one another.  We will make plans.  He will let me know what he wants to do and where he wants to go on future trips.  We have started this ritual from the time he was born until now.  We have already planned trips to Disneyland (you have to go to the original), Disney World (it’s closer) and the library.  You have to have a dose of reality in with the dreams.

We will talk about his times with his Nana.  He will tell me about his trip to the beach with Nana and Biggie.  He will tell me how friendly people were when he waved to them.  He will talk about the sand and the big water. Then we will plan our future times together.  Nana and I began planning trips with him way before he was born… in fact we started planning trips with him right after his folks got engaged.  Nana and I dream big!

Most of all I will love being able to watch him be himself.  I can watch him play with his toys and his books.  I can see how his little mind works and how he is learning all the time.  I know he will teach me things.  Things I never thought of and things I have forgotten.  He is a good teacher.  He teaches me the joy that is in this life.  He refreshes my mind on the beauty of trees and leaves and planes in the sky.  I need a refreshment course in wonder.

Grammy’s are old.  We forget that the greatest adventures are on the floor.  We forget that it is important to bend down to look at grass.  We forget to look up at the clouds and watch them move.  We forget that planes roaring across the sky are fun.  (We see them as working correctly)  Trains, for Grammy’s, hold up traffic.  We need to remember that they make noise and are incredible sights to see.

Yes, I am looking forward to tomorrow.  To hold a little hand and see a cute little bald (he has really light hair) head underneath a cap looking up at me.  I need to relearn how to squeal and laugh and be amazed.

Gotta go, that stupid list is calling me and as Robert Frost wrote so well, “I have miles to go before I sleep.”

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF


12 thoughts on “Hugs and Kisses time…

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! These are all the reasons why my kids always wanted to be with my mom. No distractions, just undivided attention. What’s not to love about that? Enjoy every moment of your stay….can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. This is so sweet and makes me envy you being a Gra-ma-ma. Little kids are like puppies, you just can’t kiss or touch them enough. My sweetest memories are all about my grandparents. They are so special to a child. I know you will have the greatest time with so much love you’ll be bursting.

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