A friend of mine is going to San Diego with her husband.  They are going for just a few days for a conference.

Last night at supper club I briefly talked with her about her upcoming trip and about the hotel she is staying in.  I told her I would email her some ideas and suggestions.

She is staying at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado ( which is one of my favorite spots to go.  It is on a pristine beach and the enclave that is Coronado is a great place to roam and discover.

True to my word, this morning I started an email to this friend.  I apologized in the beginning for the length of the note as I knew once I got started it would be hard to stop the suggestions.

It was a long email.  It was filled with ideas of things to do and places to go.  As I finished the note, I realized that I must have done nothing but eat the entire time we lived there.  With each suggestion of a place to go I remembered what food I enjoyed at that place.  I think I must have gained a good fifty pounds in remembering things.

I suggested shredded beef enchiladas (my favorite), fish and chips, house made potato chips (I dream about these), hot drinks both with and without alcohol, ice cream, fudge, orange chicken, fortune cookies covered in chocolate and the list goes on and on.

Mingled in the memories of the food came memories of the people I shared these with.  The time we were with Nana and Biggie and I broke a crown eating wonderful Italian bread…  I didn’t smile the rest of the evening because I was so self conscious of the gap made by the lack of a crown.  Even though you could not see where I lost it, I knew!

There was the time we had dinner with my sister and niece sitting on the patio overlooking the bay and skyline of San Diego, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying Italian food.

The countless days spent with my youngest at Seaport Village (, eating our way through the shops.  The conversations we would have there and having tea or hot chocolate in our favorite bookstore people watching.

I found I was a bit homesick.  Not for living in that city, but for the people and the adventures we shared.  Time can erase many things in our lives, but when memories of lives bound together come flooding into your mind, it is like time has stopped.   Looking at the websites that I sent in the email made the memories almost tangible.  Like I could reach out and touch the people in my memories.  I could hear the seagulls calling out while they floated on the air.  I could smell the brine of the water, hear the tug boats blowing their horns.  I could smell the food cooking.

This morning was a wonderful walk through the scrapbook of memories I have collected.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to revisit them.  Even more, I am grateful that I have been blessed with such friends and family.  They are the true gift of all of this.  Without them, the food would not have tasted so good and the surroundings would not have been so beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF


3 thoughts on “Memories…

  1. Dear DAF…you should send this to Travel and Leisure or at least to that hotel. It reads better than any advertisement they could possibly have. I mean it…you can bet your enchilada I’m right on the money 🙂

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