Yesterday Nana and Biggie left.  We shared a light breakfast, coffee and conversation and they drove off.  I stood on the porch and watched as they headed up the street and turned down the road to head to the next stop in their vacation.  A part of my heart left with them.

The visit with them was wonderful.  We laughed, talked, shared grandson stories and laughed some more.  Nana and I spent one of the days shopping.  We didn’t get much, but we had a great day together.  We both talked and listened and reconnected to one another.  We wandered around some shops and had a real adventure.

In between eating some free candies at one store, ooh-ing and aaah-ing at a children’s store and combing the aisles of a craft store we heard the depths of each other’s heart.  We stopped often and grabbed each other’s hand, acknowledging that we understood.

When you have many years accumulated in friendship, there is a strength and a comfort in being able to do this.  Tears can flow in a craft store and you can still feel safe in friendship.

Nana’s visit was well-timed for me.  She brought up memories from our past adventures and prodded me to remember past conversations we have had.  She gave me that proverbial kick in the pants that is needed at times.

Her visit was like a favorite blanket being wrapped around you while you sit in your favorite jammies sipping your favorite drink.  It was warming, nourishing and most of all comforting.

If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Comfort.~ Terri Guillemets

Thanks for stopping by, DAF


9 thoughts on “Comfort…

  1. Jeremiah 31:3 The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying:
    “I have loved you with an ever lasting love;
    I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”

    I cannot remember where I heard this but it’s true. When we remember God’s mercies, and remind the Lord of them, it blesses Him and encourages us of His unfailing love and care. You have a servants heart DAF. You offered your home and it’s comforts. Thank you. We love and appreciate you.

    P.s. And this post made cry “immediately.” No fair. : )

  2. you are sweet my friend… I am just me, we were so glad you were able to spend time with us. You were a blessing to this house and made it feel more like a home.

    Thank you for who you are and all you do. Love you!

  3. Liked the post.

    Have you ever wondered what could be the path to achieve “comfort” in our lives?

    I would like to point you to this pyramid.


    At the base level you start with acknowledging each other and then with each successive interaction and connection, go up the pyramid till you reach the ultimate comfort zone. How could you apply this to your life now?


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