Today is here…

Today Nana and Biggie arrive!  Nana is my dear friend and my daughter’s mother in law, making her the other grandma in our little family.  Biggie and my dear son-in-law have the same name.  When we first met them 34 years ago, we called Biggie, Big ….. and his son Little …. .  Since marrying our daughter we felt we could no longer refer to him as Little…..  so we started using middle names along with the first names.  My daughter and her sister-in-law both refer to Biggie as the “Big Guy”.  It is a loving nickname and so, when the time came to decide what we should all be referred to by our precious grandson, he decided Biggie was in order.

So, today Nana and Biggie arrive for a visit.  We haven’t had a visit with just the four of us since right after we all found out we were going to be grandparents.  That visit was filled with tears and laughter and Nana and I chomping at the bit to be able to shop for anything for the baby.  The guys dropped us off at a mall and we both jumped out of the car when hubby basically paused to let another car in front of him.  Nana and I were out of the car and halfway to our first store before the guys even knew we were gone!

We have a history together, Nana and I.  She has been there since my oldest was 5 months old.  She has helped me through diaper rashes, ear infections, illnesses, and, well, through life.  She is more than my friend, and more than my daughter’s mother in law.  She is family, but, actually she has been family for the past 34 years.  She quietly came into my life with her patience and wisdom and set up residence in my heart.

When we first met she lived two units down from us in our military housing complex.  Within the next year we ended up across the street from each other.  We would visit back and forth when we could, having a cup of tea and whatever sweet was available to us.  Evenings were often spent at one another’s home.  We would share popcorn and tea and watch James Bond movies.  They were wonderful times together that developed the bond of kinship.

There are too many memories to recapture in this blog alone.  Time does not allow me to write the adventures the four of us have shared.  l know the next couple days we will add to those memories.  I cannot wait to greet her (and Biggie), and let the fun continue.

I haven’t a clue about what we will do this visit.  I know we want a girl’s day.  But, plans are rarely made when we are together, we  look at one another and say, “So, what should we do today?”.   Today, I will count the hours that will move slowly, and I know, personally, the rest of the visit will be spent watching the minutes fly by too quickly.

I hope the rest of your week will be as good as what I will have, DAF


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