Second guessing….

Just a question posed to the internet-ness of our world, because, well, sometimes you just have to ask.

Have you ever had days where you second guess everything?   One of those days where you go about doing your chores and errands and all the time there is that nagging question lurking in the back of your mind?  The question being, is this right?  Did I do all I could do?  Should I have done/said this?

That’s the type of day I am having.  Just thought I would pose this to see how other’s days are going.

Thanks for stopping by…  DAF


6 thoughts on “Second guessing….

  1. Hmm, just sat down (seriously). Now you have me interested. To answer your question – of course. But I read something the other day that I’m going to share with you. I think you’ll agree that there was a lot of wisdom from the person who wrote it. It’s one of those things you wish you hold in front of you “all” the time until it went from the brain to the heart. Love DAF. See you soon.

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