The Library….

Growing up, my Saturdays were pretty much the same.  I would get up, watch cartoons, eat breakfast, do my chores and change my clothes.  After changing clothes I would grab an armload of books and head out the door.  I would walk downtown and across the bridge to the south side of town and go to the library.

The library in our hometown is one of the most beautiful buildings.  It was built in 1890.  Going up the steps and entering into the building was always exciting for me.  The upstairs of the building used to be the children’s library.  You were relegated upstairs until you turned 12, then you were allowed in the downstairs section of the building.

Each Saturday I would load up on books to keep me busy throughout the week.  At one point I had each aisle memorized and knew which books were my favorite and which ones I had read at least once.

But, as it goes, I grew up.  I used the high school library and soon my trips to the library in town were infrequent.  Soon, I did not even go to the lovely building.

I have returned to these memories this week, when I got into my car and drove to the nearby base to explore the facilities.  I knew where I was headed, but didn’t actually know if the building was still open.

I parked the car and walked towards the building with the sign I wanted.  In my mind I had thoughts rushing around.  Mostly they were sarcastic, but that is just me.  The building I went to was the library.  My sarcastic thought was, you know that building that has books in it, duh!

I wondered, in this day and age of kindles, laptops, smart phones, book apps what a library would actually look like.  I do not own a kindle, my laptop serves only for email, Facebook and blogging and internet searching.  I don’t have the patience to sit and read a book on it.  My phone is IQ challenged, so I don’t have any apps on it.

I entered a building that I always remember as a bit darkened, very quiet and still.  Each library has always smelled of musty book bindings, which I love.   This building was bright, filled with natural light.  The librarians greeted me with a cheery hello.  Hmm… gone were the signs pleading for quiet.   A group of computers sat off to a side, waiting for people to fill the seats.  There were dvd’s galore, children’s movies and books on cd’s.  There was a rack or two of music that could be checked out.  There were several aisles of books on cd’s for adults, the kind that had words that didn’t rhyme.  Of course there were the periodicals and the glorious books that make a library, a library.

They had a children’s library section also.  This was filled with a couple comfy chairs for kids.  Lots of books, and toys to play with.

All in all, it was a great visit.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hadn’t been to a library in a very long time.  I know I will be back soon.

Wanted to share my visit with you and hope you will visit your local library, if for nothing else than to get in touch with books.

 “A library outranks any other thing a community can do to benefit its people.  It is a never sailing spring in the desert.” ~ Andrew Carnegie

Thanks for stopping by.  DAF


4 thoughts on “The Library….

  1. I have a lovely little library around the corner from me and I’m guilty in that I’ve not visited in years… You’ve inspired me to do so!

  2. One of the first things I did when we moved here was to go get my library card. Maybe it is because I was an English teacher, but I have always loved libraries, too. I have to admit that I haven’t gone quite as often as I did when we first moved here (I can walk there, so I went once a week), but I still do enjoy going. I even have my Library of Congress reader’s card.

  3. The Library of congress is an incredible place and to be able to go and read, how great is that? I had such a wonderful visit there. I used to go all the time when the kids were little, but with the computer I tend to not go since I can research things in my living room.

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