I am a flag-waver…

You know how you have friends on Facebook that are friends only because you know them and have spent some time with them, but are more acquaintances than friends?  These are the people you schedule to only read when you want to read.  I have my Facebook page divided into sections, from people we met while dear hubby was serving this country, to people who we know from San Diego, to people we know here in the low-country, and then of course, there are family members.

Today someone who fits into the division of those from San Diego posted not to wish him a happy 4th of July because every country in the world has a 4th of July.  This is a true statement.  I could not argue that point.  He went on to comment on the sad state of affairs in this country.  I read and went on.  But, I also returned to this comment.  I had to.  I could not ignore it like I ignore most of their comments.  I could not pass it off as youthfulness, as inexperience.

This is what I wrote back: “That is true that every country has a 4th of July…. BUT…. not every country declared their independence on this day.  Yes, we can celebrate Independence Day, or we can celebrate America’s Birthday….  Anyway you say it, it is July 4th our birthday celebration, our declaration of Independence Day… it is a time to honor our beginnings, to remember the privilege of living in this country.  You do not realize the joy, the honor of living here until you have lived in other countries.  Then you know that you know that  you know what our flag stands for.  What our country is.  So, I proudly say to you Happy 4th of July and know that although this day is the same day throughout the world, Happy 4th of July is something only we, as Americans, can say to one another, and say it with joy and celebration.”

You see, I am a chronic flag waver.  I confess that.  I openly own that I love my country.  I try to impress upon those in this country who are not flag wavers, the privilege of being one.    It is part of my make up.  I cannot help myself.  I cry like a baby when I hear our national anthem.  I cry at parades.  I will cry tonight when I see fireworks.  My heart is full on this day.  This is a day when I do not pay attention to the current state of affairs.  I think of our beginnings.  I think of our military who has given and continues to give so freely so that we may fly our flags on this day.

When we were getting ready to be stationed overseas for three years, someone told hubby and I that when we returned we would never look at  America the same way.  That is all they said.  I didn’t understand the comment.  I did not know what they meant.

We lived overseas for three years.  Each year, on this day, I was so very homesick.  We had the flag, we had our hot dogs and hamburgers.  We even had potato salad and baked beans.  We had the trappings of this day.   But, we were on foreign soil.  Yes, it was beautiful soil, but it was not our land.

Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ said it best, “There is no place like home.”    There is no place like home.  So, on this day, I wish my fellow countrymen, Happy 4th of July!

I thank you for stopping by today and end with a quote, ” Where liberty dwells, there is my country”.  ~Benjamin Franklin



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6 thoughts on “I am a flag-waver…

  1. If that person didn’t live in this troubled country, he wouldn’t be able to voice that opinion. Some people spend so much time looking at the flaws, they miss the good. Hope you had a Happy 4th!

  2. My dear sweet friend, this is another understanding post. Written from a grateful heart. Every word reminds us of why we celebrate, the gift we’ve been given, and grace that continues to protect our nation. I’m glad you’re a flay waver, a lover of country, and of those who serve. When the parade goes marching by, we’ll (you and I) be standing there, next to one another, hand over heart, with a smile from ear-to-ear. And before the celebration begins we’ll bow a knee to the one who protects and provides the grace and mercy to allow us another day in the greatest nation on this earth. Beautiful writing DAF, I loved it. Love, Susie ~

  3. We had a wonderful fourth, how about you? I so totally agree with your comment… really angered me, but then, we have that freedom in this country to disagree and get angered over anothers’ opinion, right? That shows it’s working, we’re working as a country.

  4. I hope you had a great celebration! Canadians, in general, are not as passionately patriotic as Americans. I used to love going to rodeos when I lived in Texas. So much red, white, and blue!

  5. yeh, we are pretty passionate about our country…. I usually have red, white and blue on my wreaths all year long, even Christmas… I’m hopeless. Thanks for stopping by!

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