A Firm Foundation…

I have mentioned in earlier posts that we attend a church that is very small, but active.  There are several months in a year that have five Sundays.  June is one of them.  The pastor of the church wanted to do something on the fifth Sundays a bit different.  A project, something that shows what ‘church’ is about.

This month, it was decided to help one of our own.  A family in the church had a porch that was in desperate need of repair.  A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I went out to look at the porch, take some measurements and report back to the pastor.  We did this.  It was then decided to repair/rebuild the porch and hubby was basically volunteered to head up the project.

This thrilled hubby, he has spent the last couple weeks figuring out the design, and watching video after video of construction details.  We have visited several big box home repair stores and have spent hours talking with people.  He has asked question after question.  These people have selflessly answered each question he posed.  He has called men who have had more experience than he has.  Several nights he stayed up until dawn drawing and redrawing plans.  He is just that kind of guy.

The build began on Friday.  It was a hot, miserable day out.  They tore the porch down.  There was termite damage everywhere on the porch.  He didn’t get home until very late Friday night, but he wanted to make certain the posts and foundation were ready for the beginning of the build.

Saturday came, and I saw my weary hubby leave to meet up with a truck so that the lumber could be purchased.  I drove over to the home and started to work on the project the women decided to do. We had the easy job of putting in a new garden.

Now, my hubby is a perfectionist.  This can be frustrating at times, but it is also a very good quality to have.  I was reminded of this today.

Throughout the day I had several comments posed to me.  I confess, these comments bewildered me.  I was disappointed to have heard them.  One was that I should tell hubby to ‘chill out’.  I glibly responded that would not happen.  He is a focused person and he was concentrating on doing this porch correctly.  Another comment suggested that perfection is okay at times, but there should be compromise to get things done quickly.  These two comments have played over and over in my mind.

I started to think of what a good foundation is worth.  A good foundation is a vital thing to have, in all areas of life.  Especially a porch.  To have a compromised foundation is dangerous when people walk on it and depend on its support.

Another comment aimed at hubby suggested that if said person (the one making the comment) had been in charge, the porch would be finished already.

With this last comment I remembered looking at the posts that were holding up the old porch.  The inside of the post looked like the wooden version of swiss cheese.  If the person making the comment had been in charge, some boards would have been pulled up and new ones put down.  Yes, that would have been very easy.  But, slapping a band-aid onto a shell that is hollow inside would have been dangerous and could lead to disaster.

As I lay in bed tonight (well now this early, early morning), I kept thinking over the day and the comments.  It occurred to me that some of these comments were an outward voice to how they think. Easy ways, quick ways, cover things up to make it look okay.

How often in life do we do these same things?  What have the results been when we take an easy quick way to solve a problem?

I am so proud of hubby.  He can be so frustrating and annoying with his sense of right and certainty.  He has frustrated me for years with his sense of doing things ‘the right way’.  His determination to do things in an exact order grate at my need to keep moving forward.

Today, I saw him patiently measuring two or three times, making marks and going back and measuring again.  He stayed focused on the plan.  He did not waver.  How often have I seen him do similar things for our home, for our vehicles, for our daughters, for me.  I can see that he has been deliberate and faithful in the things (and people) God has given him.  He has built a good, solid, strong foundation for our lives.

I received a gift today, knowing that dear, faithful, frustrating hubby has been a gift to me by giving me a firm foundation.

Tomorrow, he will go back and finish building the porch.  Tomorrow, the others will see that his methodical movements today will make for an easy day of laying planks down.  Tomorrow the finishing touches will appear.  I hope that they will also see the spiritual lesson they lived this weekend.  Sometimes we have to be torn down to our foundation, have a new one put in.  A strong one, a whole one, free from termites and disease.  Only then, with a new strong, firm foundation can we enjoy the gifts that will give us a secure place to relax in.

Thanks for stopping by.  Words were flying around my mind while the thunder and lightning entertain the night sky.  I appreciate your visit here, DAF


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6 thoughts on “A Firm Foundation…

  1. We may be married to the same person. My son, who must do everything as if he is in some sort of race, has made those comments to my husband countless times. Recently, Felix & Oscar (not their real names) have been working on a project together and my son is F I N A L L Y understanding how important it is to do it right the first time around. Strong foundations are important in our lives and the good ones were never built in a hurry.
    I love the idea of this project, it’s very inspirational. I have no doubt that this family will be very grateful for all your efforts.

  2. Hi DAF,
    I have said a prayer for your Dear Hubby today. I can relate because I am one of those frustrating people that thinks … if you’re going to do it, then it must be done correctly. It is a struggle for him also. Not only in getting the project done to the best of your ability … you need to defend yourself and fight with the others to cooperate and not complain and do it right. But when the project is completed, it feels so good because you know you have given your very best.
    DAF, the main purpose of my commenting is to say Thank You for writing out the spiritual lesson above. This morning I discovered something about my son that I will need to deal with this evening. I prayed this morning for the Holy Spirit to give me the words to share with my youngest son to not condemn him, but to affirm him. Your words have given me the perfect start to set the stage.
    Forever Grateful

  3. This is wonderful, both the serving of a neighbour and the understanding you have drawn from your dear husband’s careful work. It’s so easy and common these days to hurry through things. Thank you for this lesson.

  4. Wow! Thank you for the blessing of this comment. I am humbled by what you have shared. My prayers for your son and this situation will be with you. Thank you for stopping by. DAF

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